So, you’re throwing a charity car wash. This is a good way to raise funds for a worthy cause. Everyone needs to wash their car, and most people like supporting a good cause. There’s more to throwing a car wash than just setting up some banners though. Follow the tips here, and you’ll be packing in the cars in no time.


Decide how many people from your group are going to help

The first step to throwing a car wash is to determine how many people are going to be part of the event. You’re going to need volunteers to wash cars, take money, and hold banners. You’re probably going to want a minimum of five people, but the more people you can get, the better.


Schedule a Day and Time for your Car Wash

The day and time you choose for your car wash is key to pulling in crowds. Weekends (Saturdays in particular) are best because most people are out of school and off work. Keep an eye to weather forecasts, since people aren’t going to want their car washed when it’s raining. The final piece of planning is making sure your chosen day and time works for everyone in the group.

Tip: If you’re having trouble finding a schedule that works for everyone, have members sign up to work shifts.


Find a Location for your Car Wash

You know what they say: location, location, location. Once you’ve determined how many people you’ll have, and when you’ll be doing your event, you need to find a location that offers both space and visibility. Parking lots tend to be ideal for car wash events. Many property owners will be happy to let you use their space if you tell them it’s to support a charity or school. Of course, you’ll want to make sure the day and time you’ve chosen works for them too. Make sure your location is on a busy road - a busy intersection is even better. The busier your space, the more people will see you and your banners.


Set the Price for your Car Wash

You’ve got to pick a price that is fair, but attractive for your customers. By and large, $5 is the most common amount. However, be sure you have prices that account for special situations like large vehicles, or waxing.

Tip: Sometimes, simply asking for donations can result in better revenue than setting a price


Pre-sell as Many Tickets as you Can

The best way to make sure your car wash is a success is to secure your revenue before you even start. Family and friends are often a great place to start. Often times, people will buy tickets as donations whether or not they show up to have their car washed. At any rate, asking for pre-sales is a good way to get word of mouth going around.


Create Signs and Banners

Good signage is necessary for your car wash. You’ll need someone swinging a banner on the street, as well as posters and banners placed around town. This is the main way people will find out about your car wash, and designing your banner at an online banner printing service is a great way to create eye catching signs.


Take Steps to Protect the Environment

Cleaning supplies rinsed into storm drains do not get filtered, as a result they can pollute the lakes and rivers. However, there are steps to take that will prevent this and conserve water.


  • If you’re using soap, try to use it over grass, or a rug to help filter out the soap before it gets to the ground water or storm drain.

  • Use a spray nozzle on your hose. The higher pressure lets you use less water to wash more cars.

  • Wash with just water. If the car is just dusty and needs a good rinsing, you can use a sponge or towel and just water to get the car clean.


Follow these tips and you’re almost certain to have cars lining up to fund your cause. Some additional tips to run a smooth operation include:


  • Keep each wash to under 15 minutes

  • Rinse the car before and after soap

  • Get your sponges soaped up and wash the entire car, don’t forget the wheels and license plates


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