A vinyl custom banner is a great way to attract attention to small business. A vibrantly colored vinyl custom banner promoting your business is hard to miss. With the right design, promotional offer, and call to action, it’s easy to attract the attention of potential customers to your business. A vinyl banner has the unique ability to affordably reach many people. But did you know that where you hang your custom banner makes a world of difference in attracting customers?

Finding areas to hang your custom banner to provide the largest exposure can seem tough. It helps to know and understand your customer base.  From this knowledge, you can find the best places to hang your custom banner.  This will greatly help you get the best return on your investment. Think about where they would be most likely to see your custom banner. You can also think about where they would be most likely to take action (like visit your store). Here are a few ideas that you can use to find great places to hang your custom banner:


The Outside of Your Building or Storefront

One of the easiest places to hang your custom banner is right out front of your business or store. A great advantage of using vinyl banners is that you can create a custom banner any possible size you want. Printers can create vinyl banners large enough to fill any space you can imagine. Hang it on the side of your building, and you will make a huge impression on your customers. As a bonus, a good looking custom banner will improve the look of your building and storefront. Keep in mind whether you need protection from UV rays or harsh weather, so make sure and ask about special vinyl material for your banner.


Along Popular Roadways

You can reach many potential customers simply by placing your vinyl banners along busy roadways. Some locations may require permission to hang your custom banner. Others may rent space to hang your banner for a small fee. Although it may seem difficult find and obtain a place along a roadway to hang a vinyl banner, rest assured your effort will pay off.

A place along a roadway is always a great choice to hang custom banners. A lot of traffic can pass through a busy roadway every day. This is an easy way to display your banner to many potential customers. Depending on your city size and the roadway you choose, several thousand potential customers may see your banner every day. Look for grassy areas to post your vinyl banner. You can also try to work out a deal with a building owner to drape your banner over the side of their building or fence. If they require rent to hang your custom banner, you can determine if the number of potential customers you can reach is worth the investment.


Near Busy Crossings

Thousands of people can pass through busy crossings every day, whether on roadways or on foot. Examples are train stations and airports, or busy bridges and overpasses. Even a single custom banner placed on a building or a fence near a station or bridge has the potential for thousands of people to see it daily. Similar to hanging custom banners along roadways, an outside company or business may own the location you wish to place your banner. Many places will allow you to rent space on their property to stake your banners or will even allow you to drape them over the highway-facing sides of their buildings. Some may allow a banner for free or in trade if you ask them. However, if the location draws in a lot of potential customers, paying a small fee may be worth it.

Like hanging custom banners along roadways, an outside company or business may own the location you wish to place your banner.  Again, many locations will allow you to rent space on their property to stake your banners.  Some may even allow you to drape them over the highway-facing sides of their buildings if the banner is attractive enough. However, a small space rental fee might be a good advertising investment if the location draws in a lot of potential customers.

Municipalities, counties, and states typically own large structures such as bridges and overpasses. Hanging a custom banner in these locations and can be a little trickier to land placement. Sometimes, a positive attitude and a few phone calls could give you a chance to place your vinyl banners on or near these high profile areas.


At or Nearby Special Events

Concerts, sports events, festivals, and business seminars are all great places to place a custom banner for your business. Big events like festivals bring in many people. With a custom banner, you can easily tailor and target your message based on the event and those who attend it. Therefore, using banners as a part of a marketing campaign during special events is a great way to reach a target audience. Some events may require fees to place your custom banner as an ‘event sponsor’, however. You can look for highly visible places nearby the venue to hang your custom banner if the sponsor costs are too high.


Taking Advantage of Competitors

A great way to reach customers who are interested in what you have to offer is to hang a vinyl banner in close proximity to locations of nearby competing businesses.  It may seem awkward to hang your custom banner nearby another business. However, the results of a successful placement will be well worth it. Whenever their customers visit your competition, they'll be sure to see your banner. If they become unsatisfied with your competitors, they'll go to your business instead. This is especially an effective technique if your competitors are in high traffic areas, but your establishment is away from main traffic.


Finding the Best Location for Your Custom Banner is a Rewarding Challenge

These are only a few places that you can place a vinyl banner. If you want to be really creative, consider placing banners in even more unique areas.  Try hanging a banner on the ceiling of your store, between or at the end of sales racks, or between retail shelving. Any place you hang them, using custom banners is a cost-effective and efficient way to reach a vast audience. In addition, it is a very affordable and beneficial investment for any business.

Banners aren’t just for business owners and storefronts. You can use a custom banner for promoting any event or situation, such as a party or celebration, or promoting political candidates. You can create your own great custom banner thanks to the experts at Bigger Better Banner. You can create your own vinyl banner right here on our website with our custom desing tools. We also have a wide variety of materials and inks for every weather condition. Start using them to benefit you and your business today, and see what a great vinyl banner can do for you!