One of the difficulties of running a business that no one talks about is the best use of your signage. If you run a store, you probably change specials and advertisements on your walls regularly. Ordering new signage, like you would from an online banner printing store, every time you change something can get expensive. That’s where magnetic receptive prints come in.

What are Magnetic Receptive Prints?

Printing Companies like Bigger Better Banner make magnetic receptive prints using black iron oxide in the paper. This makes it so the print will stick like metal to a magnetic surface. Retailers choose to go with magnetic receptive prints more and more often because they have a lower cost for printing and shipping, as well as mounting. You simply slap them onto a magnetized surface.

What do People Use Magnetic Receptive Prints For?

These magnetic receptive prints are popular for a lot of reasons. Restaurants will use them to display their specials. This is great when you change your specials on a rotation. Another use for magnetic receptive prints is in retail stores. Because it’s so easy to change out these graphics, you can change them out as often as you’d like. Even daily. Any time you want to highlight a new product, or swap out a display for an old product.

You can order magnetic prints in almost any size you’d like. So, if you’re looking for small graphics for the corner of your store, or big up graphics to go up front to draw customers in, you should consider magnetic receptive prints. You’ll save time and money with these prints.


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