A Step By Step Guide to Custom Banner Design

You can easily make vinyl banners at reasonably low prices. Most businesses and individual customers use vinyl banners for a wide variety of occasions and events. A birthday party banner, for instance, is a perfect option for such parties' decorations. You can also order graduation banners to celebrate the significant achievements of your loved ones.

Bigger Better Banner provides custom vinyl banner creation, design and printing services that most clients consider perfect for the promotion of their company brands and services. These vinyl banner designs and signs come in various sizes to accommodate any event or occasion. You can customize your vinyl banner design using BBB’s free banner templates. You can also choose to Design your sign message from scratch.

Custom vinyl banners from Bigger Better Banner have the following helpful qualities that make them a superb choice:

  • Long durability
  • Water-resistance

These two qualities make them work correctly as both outdoor banners and indoor banners.

Bigger Better Banner also provides a wide variety of banner hanging options. The following are some of the choices they offer:

  • Banner Stands to use where a hanging table is unavailable.
  • Clear Tabs
  • Grommets

These hanging options allow clients to display their banners boastfully and anywhere they want. 

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Why Vinyl Banners?

The prime reason why people choose to go for vinyl banners is that they are fast to create and are waterproof. Acquiring a vinyl banner means you don't have to keep going back to the banner store for a repeat haggle for new ones. When you choose a custom vinyl banner design from Bigger Better Banner, you may unwrap a 13-ounce custom vinyl featuring a 100% polyester material.

Banner designers often call the Material "weft-inserted knit" as it isn't destructible. The banner also has an inner layer, which makes the polyester the most robust material available in the custom banner market. It's impractical for you to keep on hanging your vinyl banner outside for two years and throughout seasons without a break. Yet it's reasonable to expect it to hold up through that time. Vinyl banners do, and that explains their great durability.

It's not just the polyester material that makes the vinyl banner tough. The following are some of the unique qualities that explain why a vinyl banner is worth the investment:

  • The banner print ink is abrasive and fades resistant

  • It's UV Rated

These qualities mean that after displaying the banner outside for three years, Custom Banner will still be bright and vibrant, attracting the attention of the prospective customers passing by a shop front. A vinyl banner withstands rough weathers, from wind to rains and sleets, hails, and snow. 

As the installer, you only need to use the grommets corners when attaching your vinyl custom banners to fences, roofs, outdoor walls, buildings, and even existing signs and vehicles. 

What does it mean?

Consider the following features:

  • Tensile strength of 153 × 149 lbs

  • Tear resistance 67 × 64 lbs

  • Heat tolerance ranging between -20 and 180 Fahrenheit

You can even make your custom banner by designing your own using an online software where you can view the design on the screen, or take advantage of the professional banner design services at Bigger Better Banner. You could choose to hire a banner design pro rather than play with the design. If you choose to do it, then this article will provide you with the step-by-step process, and you won't make a low-quality product.

Creating Custom Vinyl Banners

Creating and screen printing vinyl banners are Bigger Better Banner's specialty. Their vinyl banner designs are suitable for both business and personal use for those looking to establish spectacular visual impressions to their customers. The company offers both matte and gloss vinyl in varying strengths and print finishes. These pro printers also include structural finish options such as grommets and adding hems to their clients' banners for a small extra charge.

Bigger Better Banner offers you the most extensive variety of horizontal and vertical sizing options to ensure that you enjoy the flexibility to size your vinyl banners for hanging at your most convenient sites. All banners at Bigger Better Banner have the following characteristics for convenience:

  • Water-proof

  • Weather-proof

  • Fade and weather-resistant to ensure the banner attracts the attention you desire

Catching the customers' eyes is the first goal of using vinyl banners in a business. When it comes to capturing passerby's attention from afar, banners are the best and most direct marketing options available.

Most people think vinyl banner designs are beyond them, assuming that the banner making process is a tiring hassle. Making the banner design is indeed tricky, and you can mess the whole process up if you're new to this process. Upon reading this guide, you’ll be surprised about how easy it is to follow the entire process and create a great vinyl banner. Here is the guide to making something that will make you proud:

  • Decide the banner location

  • Create a copy

  • Choose an outdoor or indoor banner

  • Pick the banner lettering

  • Add contrastive colors

  • Select the font

  • Choose the message hierarchy

  • Determine a banner design template

Decide The Banner Location

The location of the custom vinyl banner will have a significant impact on its size, material, color, and messaging. Will the banner be in a window display to act as window decals, at a farmers' market, sports event, or above the shop door?

Based on the banner placement, it's crucial to consider what the target audience will be doing when reading the banner. The target audience could be:

  • Standing

  • Sitting on a train

  • Walking

  • Driving

  • At a sports event

How far will the audience be from the banner?

These questions will affect some of the following things:

  • Whether you’ll place the banner horizontally or vertically

  • Banner message font

  • Number of words to include on the banner

You should also consider the background behind the vinyl banner. Will the background be red brick, leafy trees, or white walls? As the client, you may want your custom banner to stand out against the backdrop. The whole thing goes back to capturing the attention of your customers.

Create A Copy

When you’re the installer, you need to decide what you want people to do after they see the banner. You should include a call to action if that’s what you want.

Be clear regarding the banner's aim as you put it across to the audience. You may want customers to get into your shop--for instance--visit your website, call for a quote or taste your homemade apple pie. Be sure to include a clear and precise call to action phrase.

Choose An Outdoor Or Indoor Banner

The location of the vinyl banner will determine the most suitable material to use. Always remember it's worth using an outdoor banner inside, but indoor signage won't do well under harsh weather elements outside.

All banner designs at Bigger Better Banner are fade-resistant, water-proof, and durable, so they’ll still look good regardless of their location.

Indoor banner options feature a white 440-gsm vinyl with the following characteristics:

  • Lightweight

  • Tear-resistant

  • Comes in a matte finish

The outdoor vinyl is also 500-gsm and is lightweight with a matte finish, offering extra durability and its design fit to withstand harsh weather elements.

Regarding hanging of vinyl banners, the following options are available:

  • Banner stands

  • Metal grommets

  • Clear adhesive hangers

Bigger Better Banner also offers the hanging pole, pockets, and pole pockets for easy hanging.

The following are the available banner stand options when you’re looking to use banner stands to hang your signs:

  • H-banner stands

  • L-banner stands

  • X-banner stands

Pick The Banner Lettering

The most important thing to remember here is that there's a close relationship between banner lettering and readability. Use big letters when reaching the target audience from a far distance.

Add Contrastive Colors

Decide on the full color palette to use on the sign and how effective the color highlights the message. It's better to use highly contrastive colors between the background and letters. A dark font where the backdrop is light is perfect.

Select The Font

You can choose classic and bold fonts such as Verdana or Helvetica as these give the banner a professional look and feel while maintaining high readability. Avoid unusual and playful fonts to provide customers an easier time reading and understanding the message.

Choose The Message Hierarchy

Order the banner info and messaging in a hierarchy manner to have an impact on the banner's effectiveness. Let the critical point be prominent by writing it in different font sizes, bolding the essential letters to emphasize your meaning and color. This tactic allows more space for crucial bits.

Determine A Banner Design Template

Bigger Better Banner offers a lot of banner design options. You can get customizable templates where expert designers have done everything. You only need to add your custom messaging, select your preferred font, and tweak the banner layout. Simply drag and drop to achieve the best result.

If you have your banner design, you can upload it onto the signage of your choice. Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are the most suitable file formats when you upload your blank banner design. For full info regarding image resolution and banner printing, read the comprehensive guide to get the banner design specifications.

Great Banner Printing Options by Pros

If you'd like to print your design on both sides of a vinyl banner, the option is available on 18 oz vinyl banners. Double-sided banners are excellent, as they serve two purposes!

Place an order in 3 easy steps:

  • Choose the best vinyl
  • FT selection is the most suitable measurement size
  • Upload the custom artwork or select from the available vinyl banner templates

Bigger Better Banner commits itself to deliver a quality custom banner service to its clients in Los Angeles. The following are some of the company's commitments to its service delivery:

  • Free Shipping Service

  • Fast turnaround as it delivers the banners to clients in Los Angeles in 24 hours (one day). Clients in the surrounding areas receive their Flags within two business days.

  • Satisfaction guarantee

  • Quality assurance

  • Custom and transparent pricing

  • Friendly Banner Packaging

At Bigger Better Banner, you can easily customize your banner design to meet your specific needs. Call them for the following types of signage:

  • Yard Signs

  • Political banners

  • Street Signs

  • Christmas flags

  • wedding banners

  • Birthday parties banners

  • banners with retractable features (backdrop and deluxe)

  • Fabric banners

  • Graduation signs

  • church posters

  • Real estate advertising signage

  • senior and building launch stickers

  • trade show signs 

  • Postcards

  • grand opening construction signs

  • Signs for school

The primary aim of the company is to give large businesses the cutting edge for its brand advertising. Bigger Better Banner is a one-stop-shop for the following:

  • Storefront signage

  • Banner envelopes

  • Banner tube

  • Deluxe business cards and other printed types of cards

  • Support tags such as hang tags

  • Cars decals

  • Custom aluminum Stickers

  • Sales banners

They also make canvas art frames for lobbies and businesses.

While other shops offer a return policy of 30 days and a refund within four weeks, Bigger Better Banner offers a refund within ten business days from the date of the package return. This act helps boost the trust between clients and the company.

To return an item, you simply need to log in to your account and view the order through the "Complete orders" link. The link is under the menu with the "My Account" label. Click the button with the labels "Return Item." The company notifies you about the refund through an email following proof that the items are defective.


Is ordering a customized vinyl banner challenging?

No, the ordering process is pretty straightforward. Choose the right size and quantity. Select the add-ons or options. Upload a design, or let the creative team at Bigger Better Banner provide customized Vinyl banners. These pros can put a logo, product image, or slogan on any flag.

What accompanies a customized vinyl banner order?

The order comes with a free quote in less than an hour and a free expert Banner design. The ground shipping cost for UPS is only $15, with the banner production being fast, such that clients get their banners within two business days. The Price for the vinyl banner starts from $3.75 per sq ft.

How do you hang the banner?

You should hang the grommets to prevent the signage from tearing or ripping. Use ropes, hanging clips, zip ties, bungee cords, or other products to secure the Flag. Avoid hanging the banner under direct sunlight to protect it from fading.

How do you clean the Custom Banners?

If you're using the sign outdoors, you should clean it occasionally using lukewarm water and dish soap. This method is the most Popular cleaning method. Avoid brushes and power washers. Dry the banner using soft towels to protect it from scratches, which may ruin the prints.

How do you store your banner?

To prevent bending or creasing, store the banner in the closed shipping box. Roll the signage up with the print side out to avoid scratching the print ink. 

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