What's the standard size for vinyl banner printing?

There are various types of customized banners. When business owners and brand promoters choose to use flags for their business, there are multiple things they need to consider. It's because there's no universal use for banners, and one banner may be appropriate for one situation and not be the best choice for another.

Some of the things you should consider when making a choice in your custom vinyl banner include:

  • Size

  • Materials

  • Durability and quality

  • Location one needs to place it on

Companies use diverse methods of advertising their brands and services. Some companies focus on using various methods, including web, printed posters, promotional jackets and backpacks, stickers or stamps, calendars, and decals, to introduce their brands to their prospective customers. Others opt for different promotional options such as banner prints.

Banners are among the latest digital marketing options. Businessmen and women using banners and flyers have found them to be an essential pair of marketing tools, which may lead to a high return on investment (ROI).

Uses for Banner Sizes

All banner sizes are relevant when it comes to brand promotion. Small and large banners are crucial advertisement tools that businesses can use to advertise what they offer in the following types of locations:

  • Indoor setup (closed setup)

  • Outdoor locations

Uses for small banners

You should use small banners inside your banner print shops to market your design businesses. There are still some big banners, resembling large promotional tarpaulin cloth, which you can use. If you are a professional banner designer, you can make this kind of advertisement tool and apply it in the following situations:

  • Trade shows

  • Exhibitions

  • Street displays

  • Outside photoshop businesses

  • Company announcements and events

Uses for large vinyl banners

Large vinyl banners are also helpful in big buildings and organizations. The following are some of these specific applications:

  • Church announcements

  • School events

  • Non-profit organization advertisements

  • Stores fronts

  • Offices

Almost all businesses use different kinds and sizes of banners at various points in time. Some companies may even employ all sizes of banners depending on the type of banner and the target audience. For business mega-events, you would probably opt to display your business information on banners measuring 10" × 10" ft. 

You can use smaller horizontal banners for indoor products and service displays. Designers make banners with small dimensions to make them fit into the limited spaces of businesses and banner design shops. Other than business applications, you can use small banners for the following purposes:

  • Party Invitations

  • Wedding parties

  • Birthday invitations

When you think of displaying your brand to your customers using banners, you might find yourself looking for the following options:

  • Cheap vinyl banners

  • Custom banners near me

  • Retractable banners 

  • Same day banner printing

  • Banners near me

  • Vinyl banner printing

  • Step and repeat banner los angeles

  • Skinny banner

  • Poster printing los angeles

  • Banner printing near me

  • Vistaprint banners

  • Custom fabric banners

  • Staples banner printing

When most businesses in the United States choose to use small signage in the promotion of their brands, they use it together with smaller marketing tools such as:

  • Sweatshirts

  • T-shirts for men and women

  • Promotional shirts

  • Rack Cards

  • Business Cards

  • Greeting Cards

  • Posters

  • Stickers

  • Cards

  • Tags

There are many kinds of cards that people use to market their brand, including gloss business cards. Others use illustrator drawing software for the same purpose.

Great promotional items to go with Banners

Banners and cards can really help make a business shine. You might even consider using the following options for better promotion:

  • Gift Tags

  • Photos on mugs

  • Stationery that features the business marketing content

Since signage stands are available in various sizes and materials, you have the option to select the image or photo that you want to convey to customers. You also have the option of the budget that you need to meet for brand promotion.

When talking about standard banner sizes, it's important to note that there's a close relationship between banner sizes and prices. More prominent banners, especially those with bright colors, often cost more than smaller ones.

It's possible to incorporate the following elements for the success of the business with more prominent banners:

  • Business logo

  • Sample designs in signs Design shops

  • Big frames

  • Business Labels

  • Photo for business

It's also possible to fit giant banners with more prominent banner strands ranging from simple X-frames to elaborate trade show exhibitions measuring 10 × 10 ft with all the bells and whistles. Each type of banner stand has its own merit.

Engraved banners can't stand without support tools, and for that reason, X-frame signage stands come in various sizes to fit all kinds of banners. 

Banner options include:

  • Vinyl banners

  • Paper signage

  • Fabric custom banners

You can opt to purchase chairs or tabletops for small signage or get a 6 feet tall banner stand for a medium banner, for instance. X-frame banner stands have the following advantages if you are using them with large signs:

  • They're lightweight

  • They have affordable prices.

  • Most of these banner stands fold easily and are easy to transport. One only needs to carry them in folders or Banner Bags.

You can choose a bamboo banner style and pair it up with a retractable banner for an eco-friendly exhibition. With this option, you can get a great banner and accessories without breaking the bank.

Banner stands, regardless of their materials, remain the same for various banner sizes. Whether you are operating a small, medium, or large banner, affordable and effective signage stands can make a big difference in your business and its visibility.

Outdoor signs are most often large printed banners. Business owners and brand promoters hang them on fences and buildings typically. The critical thing to note here is that these large banners are massive, and without proper accessories, they may start to sag and eventually fall down. That's why you need to support these signs with outdoor sign frames. These frames are essential as they can effectively help outdoor banners--whether small or large--and keep them in place even when the weather is severe. Some small banners are relatively simple, while others such as PVC banners are heavy, thus calling for heavy-duty banner frames to support them on the sides of multi-story buildings.

Pole banners are mostly large. Businesses and marketers in big cities and towns often use pole signs to promote their brands to millions of inhabitants. When they use these materials, they utilize outdoor banner stands to create a row of advertising banners for tourist destinations and various shopping areas. It'll be ideal if you find a banner stand with pole pockets.

Most companies use feather flags to promote particular brands along roadways such as the Subway. Pole banners come in many styles and materials. It's essential to note that you can't use pole banners indoors. The design of cheap outdoor banners make them unique for outdoor applications. That's why they come with holders to facilitate hanging on pathway poles to capture the attention of pedestrians and motorists.

Pole banners aren't as popular as others such as vinyl, paper, and fabric signage, so they stand out uniquely as they tend to wave in even the slightest of breezes.

 What Are The Standard Sizes for Vinyl Banners?

The Bigger Better Banner guide will focus on the standard banner size as well as the most common sizes for custom vinyl banners in Los Angeles today. The guide also describes how one can determine which signage size fits best for the client's specific needs, contrary to the general services at Vistaprint Banner Design. Learn fun facts about different banner sizes in Bigger Better Banner User's Guide. The guide also shows customers a step by step process to choosing the best banner size and how to put the best option to cart. 

Custom vinyl banners are great for convenient big format signs. Signs are a go-to sign solution for companies and consumers due to the following reasons:

  • They're highly durable

  • Easy to set up or install

  • Easily affordable

  • Highly portable

What are the standard vinyl banner sizes then?

The signage industry doesn't specify any standard size for custom vinyl signage that businesses need to flex their brand. By looking at the interests of the clients who visit the banner design and custom printing shops, it's possible to establish some popular sizes that seem to be the everyday favorites for the majority of signage shoppers. The following are the common sizes for custom banners:

  • 72 × 36 inches (6 × 3 ft)

  • 48 × 24 inches (4 × 2 ft)

  • 96 × 48 inches (8 × 4 ft)

Out of these sizes, the most standard and popular size for most banner shoppers is the one measuring 6 ft wide × 3 ft high. This particular height and width are perfect for a variety of uses, including mega event invitations.

A vinyl banner featuring these dimensions is big enough to capture the attention of passersby walking from a distance. It also stands out, captivating the interests of people passing nearby. Signs are also easy to transport from the printer shop to the business or from the business premise to the installation site.

The 72 × 36 inches (6 × 3 ft) banner is also an excellent size to use together with a standard Banners Table measuring six feet. The banner installer can choose to hang the signage from any of the following angles:

  • In front of the table: you can decorate the banner with the company stamps. Magnets are ideal for banner opening.

  • On a building wall 

  • Behind the table

There is a banners table for outdoor signage displays. Most print shops can print signs measuring up to five feet regardless of the length of the roll of their vinyl material. 

The most popular material banner designers use in the signage industry is 13 oz vinyl. The majority of vinyl banner designers have their custom vinyl banners printed on the material roll. They then cut the banners into square and rectangle shapes.  

The banner printer mostly sews or heats a welded hem before adding it to the edges of the vinyl they've cut. The hem offers strength to the vinyl edges for indoor and outdoor use.

Most custom skinny banners come standard with rings or grommets with magnets for hanging the signage.

You can get vinyl banner printing services in Los Angeles at nearly any imaginable size. Most retractable banners printing shops will offer same day printing services before shipping the banner to the customer within a few days. Bigger Better Banner will do it within just two business days. The company also offers welded hem and grommets standard with its 13 oz vinyl.

The Size of the Banner Depends on the Investor's Interests! 

Investors size their banner. That's why Bigger Better Banner uses high-quality materials and print processes to ensure sign visibility and durability.

How to Determine the Right Banner Size for A Business

If you’re observant, you'll notice the sizes mentioned above are a simple size ratio of 1:2 (for instance, 6 × 3 ft.). Another common choice for custom vinyl banners is a ratio of 3:1, as is the case with the 6 × 2 ft. banners.

The following process is a simple suggestion on how to know when to apply the above size ratios:

  • Use the 1:2 ratios for logos and banner designs with more than two text lines.

  • Use the 1:3 size ratios for landscape designs featuring a few words. It's also ideal for a model with a full logo. 

There are some instances where particular signage sizes may make sense. A perfect example is a popup tent at a vendor fair. Stringing the sign between the popup tent poles looks good when it spans the entire tent width. A width of 10 feet by a height of 3 or 4 feet is the best size if you are looking to have your popup firm noticed with a perfectly designed graphic. 

Small signs can also work with popup tents.

A signage size solely depends on two factors:

  • Site of installation

  • Purpose of the banner

Banners for outdoor advertisements should be large enough to make it easy for people and prospective customers to read the text from a distance. Ensure that they have hang tags to facilitate hanging on poles or pockets. Ensure that the banner comes with a hanging post and grommets.

Choosing the right size of a banner can also depend on the design you wish to print on the signage. If you have a logo with a 1:1 shape, then choosing squarer signage might be a bit sensible. If you’re looking to call customers to act on your banner--or spelling out a phrase--then a more comprehensive rectangular banner will make sense.

Visual reference can help clients decide what banner size will be perfect for their project. You should try this powerful tool to be able to get a good idea regarding the right size for your banners. You need to type the height and width (in inches) of the desired spot for your banner into a calculator to get an idea of the right size.

When finding a banner design or printing shop, you should only consider contracting a verified contractor. When going out to shop for banners, you should arm yourself with pens and Notebooks to highlight the top things to consider buying.

Banners are also safe if you carry them in backpacks or Banner Envelopes. 

What's The Size of the Largest Vinyl Banner?

The most extensive signage that you can get from Bigger Better Banner is 120 × 1980 inches or 10 ft by 165 ft. That's some large signage! It's ideal if you are looking to have your business really get noticed by people.

If you’re looking for a giant sign that's larger than 10 ft in both directions, Bigger Better Banner can still create it for you. Just give us a call, and set up premium order deals today! 

Features of the Best Banner Design Services

They include:

  • Affordable

  • Transparent

  • High-quality

  • Customer-friendly packaging.

Some of the banners are double-sided and ideal for yard signs.

If you would like to experience how fun and easy it is to design a banner of any size, you should consider checking the following step by step guide. After reading through the manual, you can order a custom banner for yourself from us. Read on to get great results with your custom signage.

Want to get a small banner size? The majority of vinyl signage designers begin their smallest banner sizes at 2 ft wide by 2 ft high. At the shop, you can get a little banner measuring 12 inches wide by 12 inches high. 

Banners smaller than 1 × 1 ft aren't practical for outdoor usage. The small size also makes the banner print quality very hectic for large format printers. If you need signs or print materials with less than 1 × 1 inch, you should check out some of the small format products such as flyers and postcards. Postcards come with Postcard Magnets. 

How to Size a Banner for Affordable Prices

With all the knowledge about the various sizes of vinyl banners, the next step is to help you design your custom banners! Using Bigger Better Banner's design tool, you can easily create custom signage of any size. 

The following are some of the few ways to set up the size of a banner:

  • Make use of the main menu at the top of the signage page to choose the right size of the banner. The measurements on the menu are in inches.

  • Choose the Quantity and then click on the "Get Started" button.

  • Select between the three simple ways to design the banner using the best design application in the signage industry. Most designers use the Canvas tool for this purpose. You can choose to begin the design process from scratch. You can also start with the site's templates or instead upload your design. 

  • Once you’re at the banner design tool, you can resize your signage by changing the banner dimensions, the width, and the length.

  • If you would like to change the dimensions of the banner independent of the other, you should click on the checkbox labeled "Lock Dimensions" under the measurement fields.

  • The little blue labels "lock" turns black and then unlocks.

  • When you change the size of the banner in the signage design tool, you may need to adjust the banner design to make it fit the new format.

It's very easy to promote your upcoming conference, event, or promotion in a big way using high-impact custom vinyl banners. These custom banners are perfect for:

  • Special events

  • Street-level advertising 

  • Roadshows

  • Church Announcements 

Custom banners bring focus to a business and reach possible customers in a way that other advertising methods cannot.

Bigger Better Banner helps you to make customized designs and content that help your business to promote your brand through the following ways:

  • Building brand awareness in Costco businesses

  • Incite action

  • Get customers talking about the business.

Banner solutions at Bigger Better Banner include:

  • Full-service banner prints, from concept development to design completion

  • Virtually unlimited options of sizes and signage designs

Bigger Better Banner offers a faster turnaround, shipping the full banner to you within two days from the date that you place an order. If you choose to pick a different banner printing service, you’ll get your product in 3-5 business days or longer. It's a long period of waiting, considering that many clients have an urgent need for the banner. Bigger Better Banner prints its clients' banners on time: that is within two days. Yard Signs are also available from Bigger Better Banner.


What are the company printing services?

Bigger Better Banner supplies a wide variety of banner printing and finishing services in Los Angeles. These include file access, color printing, and black-and-white digital printing.

What are the things you can print?

BBB handles a wide variety of printing jobs, such as the following:

  • Business Cards

  • Greeting Cards

  • Flyers and accessories

  • Banners

  • Flag presentations

Banners come with holders to facilitate installation. Visit our site at https://biggerbetterbanner.com and view the available services. We even have a banner design sample to present to our customers. Most printed banners have price tags as well. A printed poster could also feature a price tag. 

Can I get a price quote for my banner printing job?

Bigger Better Banner uses a professional quoting tool to estimate the price of every signage printing so customers only need to present the job to our printing professionals. Review the company prices for our various banner printing jobs.

How can I send my electronic files for printing?

Bigger Better Banner receives client files by the following means:

  • CDs

  • Mailing

  • Flash drive

  • USB

It's still possible to customize a banner using an image.

Clients can upload their files using the company's machine backdrop for convenient full-service online printing.

How long will it take to complete a printing job?

The completion of printing projects will vary depending on the complexity of the task and other tasks in the queue. The job will be complete within 1-2 business days. Ideally, Bigger Better Banner will reply to our clients in a day. Browse and find the best banner size and get a smart deal. It's essential to note printing shops will only deal with a verified buyer to avoid those who aren't serious in their contracts.

Let the Banner Communicate Brand Message On Behalf Of Your Business

Bigger Better Banner provides the best quality of vinyl banners, fabric banners, and more at low prices in Los Angeles. Call us right now and get a free quote. 

Ready to design your custom banners? Or would you like to start at our step by step guide to Banner Design? You can also look into the cost of custom vinyl banners.