Designing the perfect custom banner for your business can be a challenging, but extremely rewarding task. A quality banner with a good design will attract many potential customers through your business's doors. Not only that, a great vinyl banner makes your business look more attractive. For some great ideas on your design for your next custom banner, here are a few tips you can use for inspiration:


Is your Custom Banner for Indoors or Outdoors?

There are different factors at work depending on whether you will hang the banner outside or inside your business. People read and interpret business signs and custom banners differently depending on whether they are inside or outside. For example, people walking driving by an outside sign may just get a quick glance at it, and not see everything on the banner. On the other hand, someone slowly browsing inside your store will have more time to slow down and read the vinyl banner more thoroughly. Because of these differences, you'll need to design your banner accordingly to maximize visibility. A great, well thought out design will add to the value of your custom banner and will attract more customers.


Choosing the Right Font For the Job

Readability is one of the largest factors in making a custom banner visible and readable. A vinyl banner is usually meant to be viewed from a distance. Because of this, it is important to make sure that your choice of typeface is also as readable as possible. Using a script or heavily italicized or stylized text will definitely pose issues with readability. In addition, using a font that is too thick or bold tends to make words look crowded. The best fonts for good readability are sans serif type fonts, such as Arial or Helvetica. To help you gauge a font’s readability, try taking a few (or several) steps back to check if you can read the lettering on your monitor. Take a few more steps back, and check again. Make sure your custom banner is legible from as far of a distance as you believe customers will view it.


Color Me Once, Color Me Twice

As is the case with choosing a proper font, the distance between your custom banner and your potential customers is key to choosing the best colors for it. Choose a background color for your custom banner that compliments your business theme and also helps make your text more readable. Adding more than 3 main colors can make a custom banner seem too busy for potential customers to read. For maximum readability, try to make any extra colors bold and contrasting to the main color. Of course, a quality online banner printing company can also assist you in choosing the best colors and designs for your custom banner.


Sending the Right Message on Your Custom Banner

Another very important point you should remember when you create your custom banner is to keep your message as simple and easy to understand as possible. A good banner does not have to be complicated. In fact, a vinyl banner that is too busy may cause people to misinterpret your message. You want your custom banner to grab attention and pull in the viewer, not bore or confuse them.


In fact, a custom banner with a short simple message or offer is usually ideal. In other words, you shouldn’t add more than a few words or sentence. Why? A banner needs to communicate your message to your potential customers in as little time as possible. Most of your target audience simply does not have time to read long blocks of text as they pass by. So, try to remove any unnecessary wording and focus your message in the simplest way you can.


Use High-Quality Graphics and Photos

The goal with most vinyl banners is to attract the attention of potential customers (usually from some distance away). Because of this, you need to do everything you can to draw the focus of passersby to your banner. To catch the eye of a potential customer, try to include high-quality graphic images in your custom banner. These images help act as a focal point for your banner. A good image will often entice passersby to notice and take a look at your custom banner. In addition to helping a custom banner draw attention, a good graphic image can also help to reinforce your message. It is also a great way to communicate an emotion faster than text can.


A great design for your custom banner is crucial to making your custom banner successful. It remains one of the most valuable and useful tools for advertising, yet is inexpensive enough to remain very cost-effective. Remember that a good banner design means more than how it looks. A good design takes into consideration the goal of your banner, where you place your banner, and what message it conveys to your potential customers. Bigger Better Banner uses a powerful custom app for your phone or desktop that can help you design the best and most effective custom banners for your business, and ship them right to your doorstep. A great design and a great banner go hand in hand to attract more customers to your business.