Halloween is the one time of year where spooks, ghosts, goblins, and all manner of creatures are welcome, even celebrated! Decorating a house for Halloween is a favored tradition for many people. Some love transforming their house into the ultimate Halloween haunt. Others enjoy throwing a fabulous spooktacular party. 


Pumpkins are the #1 choice of decoration for Halloween fun. However, you can also use vinyl decals, a custom banner or two and more to help you decorate your house, without spending a lot of money. Here are some great ways you can decorate your home for Halloween:


Dress up Your Windows With Custom Vinyl Decals

You can make black silhouettes using black poster paper as an easy way to decorate your window. However, for an even spookier effect, you should use custom vinyl decals as scary window signs to dress up your windows for Halloween. You can add images of scary monsters peeping in (or out), a spooky scene (inside or out), or creepy eyes staring in (or out) at you. With custom vinyl decals, the possibilities are endless because you can use any image you want. In addition, vinyl decals are easy to set up in a window. These window clings are also reusable so you can use them year after year without needing to make new paper decorations.


A Backdrop Made From a Custom Banner

You can create a scary backdrop for anywhere you need one. A vinyl banner is perfect for creating the perfect scene. You can easily set up a vinyl banner on any surface, or let it hang on its own. Because you can put any image you want on the custom banner, you can hang it on a wall, from an inside ceiling, or draped over an area you want to be covered. 


Not only are vinyl banners easy to set up, they are easy to take down and store as well. For maximum life, you should store a custom banner in a bag, suitcase, or other containers. You should also roll a custom banner up to store them, rather than folding them. Folding a vinyl banner will cause crease marks to form, especially if it stays folded for long periods of time. It is also a good idea to store your vinyl banners away from excessive heat such as open sunlight, as long-term exposure to the heat will wear out your custom banners.


Halloween Headstones From CoroPlast Signs

You can use old coroplast signs to create spooky headstones to decorate your yard! Headstones made from coroplast signs are quick and easy to create. You can use them to help create your own creepy graveyard scene. 

To make them, you’ll of course need some old coroplast signs. Cut the corners of your sign to give them a hedge stone shape. You can use custom vinyl decals with a hedge stone image to decorate the hedge stones. You can also use white, gray and black paint. However, it is better to use custom vinyl decals. They last longer, are reusable, look more authentic, and are easier to apply!

You can add your name, or the names of your family and friends for a scary twist, or use a memorable quote, name, or message. Here are some great spooktacular phrases you can add to your headstones:

HeadStone Phrases:

  • Here lies the body of Lester Moore. Three slugs from a forty-four. No Les, no more
  • Here Lies Mozart, Decomposing
  • Owen Moore has passed away, Owin’ more than he could pay
  • Wherever you be, let your wind go free! For holding it in, was the death of me!
  • First, a cough carried me off, Then a coffin they carried me off in
  • Roses are red, Violets are blue. She came for me, and she’ll come for you!
  • Not Resting in Peace
  • Born June 16, 1856. Buried September 8, 1889. Died September 10, 1889
  • I told you I was sick!


Halloween Fun and Decorations for All 

With these great ideas, a window cling or coroplast sign, and a custom banner or three, you can transform any home into a Halloween horror all your own! Decorating your home for the holidays is lots of fun. In addition, you can involve your family and your friends, so they can get in on the fun too!