You’ve got your gig. Your band is ready, your gear is ready, and the venue is ready. All you need to do is fill your seats. Do you know the best way to do that? If you’ve got a big budget, that means radio ads, internet advertising, and video ads. But what do you do if you’re on a smaller budget? No matter big or small your budget is, you shouldn’t forget about the print shop, and what you can do with the power of posters.

You can use posters and other printed materials to reach the people local to your show. But you’ll need to know how to create killer gig posters, and where to put them.

Start at the Beginning

If you’ve never created gig posters before, this might seem daunting. Step up to the challenge, and you’ll see that it’s worth it. Start at the base. What kind of paper do you want to use? Are you going to use a finish? Maybe try printing silver on black paper for a unique effect. You’ve got endless possibilities if you explore them.

Try out New Techniques and Imagery

If you’re going to make a stand-out gig poster, you’ve got to do things people don’t see a lot. Try to think of ways to use shapes, colors, and complete images that other people aren’t. You want people to stop at your posters, not just walk by.

Don’t forget the Fonts

The imagery and colors may seem like the most obvious parts of your posters, because they are. However, you can’t forget about your typography. You might draw people in with your graphics, but your words are how you get people to the show. Use your font and word choices to make a statement, but put readability above all else. You need people to know when and where your show is.

Design Your Poster for Different Sizes and Materials

You want to hang larger posters wherever you can, of course. However, you also want your poster to work as a handbill, which is just a small version of your poster you can hand out. These are great for when you’re at a party, or when you’re busking. You might even be able to talk your local recording studio into leaving a stack on the counter. You also want to consider magnetic signs you can slap on your car, your band’s van, your friend’s car, and anywhere else you’re allowed.

Finally, ask yourself “Would I Hang This on My Wall?”

This one is key, even though it’s very personal. Your gig posters aren’t just advertising vehicles. If you design your gig poster well enough, it becomes art, something people hang. If you wouldn’t hang your posters on your wall, they’re not cool enough yet.

Once You’ve designed, it’s time to print

Once your posters are designed and ready for print, you’ve got to decide on a print shop to use. Bigger Better Banners is an online printing service that you can use from the comfort of your own home. We use top quality materials on the latest in printing technology. Call 888-958-1991, or use our form to see how we can help you.