When you think of magnetic signs, you might think of few specific kinds of mobile businesses. While it’s true that these businesses can gain a lot from this inexpensive and effective marketing vehicle, you could too. You’ll see a big jump in calls when you use custom made magnets to advertise your business as you drive down the street.

You’ll find lots of benefits to putting these flexible, inexpensive, and very noticeable magnet signs on your car or truck. These custom magnets can add name and logo recognition for your company or cause. Your magnetics will change your business from one shop or service out of thousands, to “that company we saw down the street”.

Why Use Magnetic Signs?

As you might know, one of the most important parts of advertising is seeming honest and qualified. Putting high-quality magnets on your vehicles lets you do just that. In addition to your contact information, you can use magnetic signs to display trust signals, such as license numbers, or if you run a transportation based business, your DOT number. When your customers see that you’re a serious business, they’ll know they can trust you.

There are More Uses for Magnetic Signs

Besides generating brand awareness, you can use custom magnets for a variety of uses. Magnets are an inexpensive way to identify your delivery cars. This way, you can switch between cars as employees come on and off shift.

In addition to using magnetic signs for your delivery cars, political magnets are a good way to spread your message, without permanently fitting it to your car. In the same vein, magnetic signs are a great alternative to bumper stickers. With bumper magnets, you don’t have to worry about damaging your paint and lowering your car’s resale value.


If you’re thinking about adding magnetic signs to your vehicle, Bigger Better Banner has been making signs of all kinds since 1953. With our years of experience, combined with the top-quality equipment we use, you can be sure we'll print the highest quality magnetic signs. Call (888) 958-1991 or fill out a form to begin your order.