When you’re thinking about marketing your business, you probably think about banners and online advertising. You’re right to want to use these methods, but you don’t want to overlook the power of foot traffic. Creative use of window signs and window displays can draw in people who are just walking by. Once you get them in the door, you can make them a customer. So, you know not to overlook the power of window displays, but what makes a window display stand out?

First, You Should Use Your Own Products to Tell Stories

You’re going to catch a lot more attention if all of the parts of your window display are interesting or themed. If you can get customers to notice your display’s details, you’ve won half the battle. You can do this as simply as using seasonal themes, or as complicated as using your products to recreate a popular book or movie. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Create a Singular Focal Point to Draw Attention

You can set up your display however you want. Decorations can be hung from the ceiling, products can be stacked like a pyramid, and you can even put your products on a pedestal or attach window signs directly to the window. However you choose to set up your window display, make sure you’ve got a singular focal point. You can pick your hottest seller to draw in passersby, and there’s no telling what they’ll buy once they're in the door.

Once You’ve got Your Focal Point, Keep it at Eye Level

Now that you know to choose a single focal point, you'll want to make sure it’s eye level. If you keep the focal point at eye level, potential customers are more likely to take notice. You can gauge eye level as easily as standing outside your store and looking in. Once you’ve determined where you want your focal point to be, and how high eye level is, mark that point with a piece of tape. Using tape to mark your focal point will give you an easier time setting up your display.

Make a Fast Impression with Bold Designs and Colors

You only have a couple of seconds to grab your customers’ attention. Combine your in-store product displays with attention grabbing window signs to pull in new customers right off the street. You will also want to make sure your display is well lit. If you aren’t paying attention to your lighting, the items won’t be as visible, and customers may walk right past them.

Turn Your Large Windows into Billboards with Window Signs

You can make use of well-designed window signs to create interest, or to advertise your specials and sales. You can also use perforated vinyl signs as window signs that show off your design to people on the street, and still let in natural light.

Most Importantly, Change Your Window Displays and Window Signs often

You might find it easy to put off refreshing your window display, especially if you’re proud of your creation. However, you don’t want to fall into this trap. If you leave your window display alone, it becomes familiar, and won’t grab any more attention than a blank wall. Change up your window display often, and you’ll entice repeat customers to come in and look at the very same inventory you had during their last visit.

If you combine a strong online marketing strategy with print marketing and in-store displays, you’ll maximize the customers you can bring in. Bigger Better Banner has years of experience in online banner printing, and the top-quality technology to help you get attention and, more importantly, customers. Call (888) 958-1991, email info@biggerbetterbanner.com, or explore our website to see how Bigger Better Banner can help grow your business.

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