How Much Does It Cost To Make Vinyl Banners?

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The answer to the title question is: less than you might think. Most people get into business with the intention to make substantial profits. When it comes to marketing their company, these business owners would be wise to invest money designing a custom banner that will get the company exposure and new customers. 

Some businesses consider investing in other media or advertisements without knowing how costly it might be--or if there will be a significant return on investment (ROI). If business owners aren’t careful, they can waste precious money and time.Custom Banners


Some ads and other forms of marketing can be so expensive that getting any kind of ROI is just about impossible. Why do business owners consider vinyl banners a good investment? Is the cost worth the investment? We think it most definitely is. Read on to find out more.


When a business chooses to allocate marketing funds to promote their business, they consider banners--such as flag banners with their company message--to be a great strategy to attract more clients into their premises. Some of the biggest reasons for this include:

  • Banners are cost-effective

  • They offer maximum bang for the business buck

  • They are very durable and last a long time

Getting the word out about your business’ products or services is crucial if you want to outshine your competitors. While others are embarking on expensive promotional programs, an investor who opts to go for a well-designed custom banner to achieve their objectives might enjoy a steady flow of customers into their premises at a fraction of the cost of other advertising methods. 

Custom Vinyl Banners Are Relatively Inexpensive

With the evolution of printing technology, digital banner printing has come a long way. Both the cost and shipping times have come down considerably. That doesn't mean that you can walk into a sign printing shop and get a large retractable banner for free, however. The innovations related to banner printing mean that it's now possible to make top-quality custom business and personal banners with striking headlines easily--and at a low cost. The process of designing a custom banner, such as a medieval banner for a specially themed event, or one for a baby shower, doesn't take a lot of time on our website. But the end result is a beautifully made product that will shine like a kingdom and castle.

Moreover, even if you intend to reuse a party, birthday or graduation banner, it can serve you well for years if you take care of the vinyl banner properly.


Regarding the cost of custom vinyl banner designs, you should be aware of the following considerations:

  • Custom vinyl banner design and printing is relatively inexpensive

  • Cost-effective advertisement products from us are of a very high quality

If your business uses an outdoor banner and takes care of it, the banner will last a long time. Your design and our low cost translates to durable professional-looking products that will stand the test of time and impress your customers or friends and family.


You definitely don’t need to have thousands of dollars to design a full color, personalized banner to promote your business or personal event.

We’ll tell you as you design your banner what the cost will be 

It's pretty hard to determine the amount of money you’d spend on promoting your brand using another advertising website. You may plan to spend a certain amount and end up paying much more or a bit less, depending on the company’s website platform that you use. With us, there are no surprises or hidden costs.

With vinyl banners created by Bigger Better Banner, you will know the cost of your banner before you make a purchase. For example, if you’re printing a banner for your church, you can calculate the cost of the materials based on the dimensions and printing and come up with the exact amount you need before placing your order.


Combining custom vinyl banners with digital printing means that you can count on true-to-reality color and excellent image quality. The business message and product brand, in essence, won't vanish in the noise of the competition or surroundings. It will reach your customer and entice them to contact you for your products or services. 

How Economical are Custom banners for a Business?

It's possible to design unique vinyl banners. Bigger Better Banner provides banners that are lightweight and durable to enhance your business image. Banners create exposure. Placed in the right outdoor location, they can serve a powerful message to strangers and beckon them to check out your business and products/services. 

Successful companies consider custom vinyl banners to be the cheapest and the most effective way of advertising their brand, event, product, or company. Some people ask us about fabric banners, but we don’t recommend them as they don’t typically last long. 

Everyone wants to have their brand stand out. How can you let potential customers know about the existence of your product or brand? The answer: create a custom banner in the shape of a pennant!

Pro-tip for success: Do you need to add your website to a pennant?

Smart business owners use flags to attract people to their brand. Out of the people who see the banner, a good number may not have the time to visit the business right away. They may take note of the website listed on the banner and pay a visit at a time that is more convenient for them. 

Banners can be very cost effective, but not cheap. Cheap can mean poor quality.

Designing custom flags is pretty straightforward. There are almost no restrictions other than the size of the banner. The bigger the banner, the larger the mounting surface. Bigger Better Banners offers high quality pennant, flag and streamer printing services at competitive prices.

There are three primary reasons why you should consider vinyl banners as necessary for your business. These reasons include:

  • Custom vinyl banners are relatively cheap

  • We’ll tell you as you design your banner what the cost will be

  • You can get durable and beautiful banners at the lowest cost

Banners, flags and streamers are an amazing way to spread any kind of message. When you buy a custom banner from Bigger Better Banner, you can rest assured that durability and quality is of the utmost importance to us.

Even for the most durable banner design materials, you won't have to empty your wallet to purchase a banner from us. Bigger Better Banner has competitive prices and the highest possible quality.

Banner advertisements purchased from Bigger Better Banner, such as banners, flags and traditional banners, cost much less than the pricing of many other forms of advertising. Continue reading to see how the above three reasons relate to the value of the banners.

Get durable and beautiful banners at a lower cost

With some product promotional media and materials, if you pay low advertisement costs, you can expect less return from the promotion as well. Nobody would pay a hundred dollars to promote their brand and expect better results than someone who might have invested a thousand dollars for the same kind of product.

With vinyl flags and vinyl banners, durability matters as much as price. Regardless of how much you may have spent designing your banner, even if you’ve spent very little on having it made, you can still enjoy a world-class product.

When you work with Bigger Better Banner, you get the best quality at the lowest possible price. Quality and price are two crucial benefits of vinyl banners for anyone who wants to use them in their brand promotion.

Then considering a custom banner, it’s important to understand that different banners are used for different situations. Their advantages vary depending on their design materials. 

There are various types of materials that most designers use to make banners. These materials include:

  • Vinyl

  • Paper

  • Fabric

Apart from determining how long custom banners will last, these materials also act as the primary determinants of how much it might cost to make these banners. 

As opposed to fabric and paper flags, custom vinyl banners come with multiple benefits, which you can consider in your design when determining the cost of the banners. Such benefits include:

  • They're rip-resistant

  • They’re weatherproof

What does the banner material suggest about the value of the banners?

Banners with high durability and versatility may cost a bit more than those that are less durable. A brand marketer will spend a bit more when designing a vinyl banner than someone using a paper or fabric banner, for instance.


Even with high design costs, vinyl banners are worth investing in to promote your business. If you are looking to have banners that will withstand even the most adverse weather elements and last longer as well, using vinyl business banners will be the best way to go. In fact, it's the only way to go. That’s why we only sell vinyl banners. Designing these banners is costly, but the end product is good enough to make the best out of this particular business investment. 

Many factors influence the cost of a custom banner. There are multiple benefits of opting to go for the most expensive custom banners, as well. The best thing to note here is that flags serve the best in product promotion, and these play a big role in attracting both the interested customers and the passersby. These customers would have otherwise passed by without knowing about the existence of a brand if they had not seen the banner. 

Get Quality Banners From Certified Designers

You can design custom vinyl banners at a low cost. You only need to upload your photo and banner specifications, and Bigger Better Banner will do all the rest.

Great Ways to Determine the Cost of a Custom Streamer

Most people only think that businesses use banners for product promotion alone and that the cost of designing one depends on how much return the business owner wants to get on his or her investment. That's only part of the truth: people see these flags outside business premises every day. 

While brand promotion is one of the critical roles of custom banners for a business, they also serve other essential purposes. These purposes include:

  • Serving as office directional signs

  • Advertising events

  • Creating awareness about a brand

  • Reminding customers of the existence of a particular product or service

Great Ways to Determine the Cost of a Custom Streamer

Most people only think that businesses use banners for product promotion alone and that the cost of designing one depends on how much return the business owner wants to get on his or her investment. That's only part of the truth: people see these flags outside business premises every day. 

While brand promotion is one of the critical roles of custom banners for a business, they also serve other essential purposes. These purposes include:

  • Serving as office directional signs

  • Advertising events

  • Creating awareness about a brand

  • Reminding customers of the existence of a particular product or service

These are just some of the critical purposes of custom flags, and the variation of these creates a wide range of options. The pricing range of custom banners ranges depending on these options and the quality of the material used for the banner. 

Bigger Better Banner has been creating custom banners for businesses and companies in Los Angeles for over two decades. The following is their list of five factors that most affect the pricing of signs. From these factors, customers can budget their headline orders to ensure that whatever they get is simultaneous to what they pay. 

Here are the elements to consider:

  • The material of the banner

  • Size of the streamer

  • Design cost and quality control

  • Headline design

  • Location

Before getting into the discussion of these factors, it's worth noting that there's a general rule of thumb in the business of vinyl graphics. When you go shopping for custom graphics, retail pricing should primarily depend on the cost of the design materials and an additional 30% markup. This rule may appropriately work for materials like aluminum sign blanks. If you use the same formula for vinyl banners, there's no doubt that you’ll end up cheating yourself and, worse still, devalue your product.

 Other than the banner material, pricing in the local marketplace can significantly influence the location where a brand promoter will set theirs.

It's quite unfortunate that most people determine the cost of their streamer based on the price they incurred when making the streamer. That's wrong! The value of a custom pennant depends on a wide range of factors, not the design cost alone. 

You may install a sign that you spent hundreds of dollars to make, only for it to have little value to the customer. And that doesn't apply to vinyl banners alone; there are other examples of the typical vinyl graphics whose cost is independent of their design costs. They include:

  • Magnetic signsF

  • Fleet graphics

For custom flags bearing spot color vinyl graphics, you can find a better rule of thumb in the Bigger Better Banners Guide. According to the standard of the vinyl banners industry, a vinyl sign with a width of 24" feet should go at a base price of $12.50 per linear foot. That means that a 2' × 6' foot headline should cost at least $75.00.

You may get mesmerized by these calculations and say that the banner blank only cost you $14.00 in materials. A good number of designers will consider this price gouging.

Considering that the designer is also in business, the price is fair for the right product. An expert marketer may see the banner driving thousands of dollars in their business to their customer. If they've done excellent work designing professional signage that'll enhance the image of the customer, the streamer price is worth the market value. 

If your business is selling digitally-printed custom flags, you'll have to consider the market standard of $8 per square foot. It sometimes gets tricky here, and if you aren’t keen, you may decide to sell the banner for a bit less as you don't have to cut and weed multiple vinyl colors. The fact that the sign took you less time and cost to produce doesn’t have any bearing on its worth to the customer.

When it comes to the value of the pennant value in the market, you need to bear certain things in mind. These include:

  • The production cost of the custom banner doesn't correlate with its value to the customer

  • The sign must enhance the image of the customer for it to be of a higher value

  • Limited production time and cost are benefits to you, and the end product is more important than the production process

A banner with a good design and full color bears more value because it features graphics whose impact can do a lot in driving retail traffic and enhancing awareness for the brand's customers. The fact that it's capable of incorporating full-color graphics means that you can also design it in a way that it'll reinforce the customers' other advertisement campaigns.

Among these campaigns are:

  • Web

  • Television

  • Outdoor advertising

It increases the potential return of investment (ROI) on all the marketing dollars that you will spend.

When it comes to banner design, it's okay if you charge a design fee when you see fit. If the customer happens to go to a graphic design company, they couldn't have left with the product without having paid for the work first. The same service needn't be free at your sign shop. There might be a variation in market rate, but you should charge an hourly rate of at least $25 or opt to charge a flat fee of $75. That's considerate to the customer if you were to consider that some designers charge customers far more, charging them anywhere from $600 to $800 for the banner design services.

One thing to note here is that what you charge depends highly on the current market pricing by the competitors in the same geographical area. That means that before you set your prices, you need to do some things. These things include:

  • You should spend quality time shopping for competitors' prices.

  • You should, however, not let the competitors' prices dictate your prices. Many signage shops aren't aware of their costs, and it won't be a surprise seeing them going out of business in the long run.

Conventional wisdom suggests that the custom banner trade is capable of prospering even when the economy is down because companies that are struggling to boost their sales must be more aggressive. It means that even when you are operating under challenging circumstances, your signs are more valuable than ever, so you shouldn’t sell them too cheaply.

It's now time to discuss the crucial factors that will determine the cost of custom banners.

The Material of the Banner

Material choice for the streamer is one of the things that'll drive the price up quickly. There's a wide range of materials you can use for that matter. Such materials include:

  • Vinyl

  • Aluminum

  • Paper

If you were to compare the pennant prices based on material choice, you would realize that aluminum banners are more expensive than paper. The same case applies to the production cost: paper flags will have fewer material costs than vinyl, fabric, and aluminum. Paper banners will, therefore, cost less than others whose fabric prices are higher.

Size of the Pennant

Regarding the pricing of custom banners based on dimensions, a general rule applies: The larger the sign, the more costly it is.

More prominent banners require a high amount of ink to make; therefore, they come with higher prices. Depending on the condition of the business, you may not have a choice other than to order a large sign. You may use some of the other factors to mitigate the costs of your posters. 

Design Cost and Quality Control

Depending on the business, you have two options from which you can choose to order your banners. These include:

  • Local sign shops

  • Distant banner design companies

These options offer you less control of not only the banner pricing but also the sign quality. Businesses operating under a tight budget typically choose to order from sign stores near them. They do so to spend time with the designer and discuss their headline design requirements. They then get the chance to request revisions of their designs at low costs that adequately fit the customers' budget while still offering them quality custom banners.

Banner Design 

There are so many pennant designs, and customers place their orders depending on the specific requirements of their businesses. Intricate designs, especially those featuring many colors, are more expensive.

Simple custom banners, on the other hand, especially those involving fewer colors, tend to be less costly. If you are operating on a tight budget, you should consider a crisp headline with less than three colors to reduce the banner design costs.


The place where you need to put the flag has a significant influence on the pricing of that banner. When you are making a headline to install at a business that's far away from the signage shop, you'll have to charge additional fees. Such fees include:

  • County permit to allow you to engage in the installation business

  • Paying a private property owner to place the streamer

Most people forget these costs, and they only come to realize them when they find that they've eaten up a portion of the business earnings. You may also forget to include the costs, not accounting for the transport costs. If you aren't keen, you may find that the sign design costs are higher than the price at which you sell the sign, which will be nothing but a frustrating loss.

If you are placing sign orders, you should remember to factor these costs in to avoid spending more than you originally intended. Forgetting these might cause you to regret purchasing the sign.

It's worth mentioning that although signs can add substantial expenses to a business, they're worth the high costs as long as they're attracting customers into the business premises. Bigger Better Banner can produce what you are looking for in your campaign. Such things include:

  • Brochures

  • Business cards

Call and speak with experienced experts from our company today!

What's the cost of Vinyl custom banners?

The following are the prices of vinyl banners for different sizes:

  • 36" x 60" for 13 ounce vinyl banner $e37.50

  • 48" x 60" for 13 ounce vinyl banner $50.00

  • 48" x 120" for 13 ounce vinyl banner $100.00

  • 36" x 120" for 13 ounce vinyl banner $75.00

  • 60" x 240" for 13 ounce vinyl banner $200.00

  • 120" x 240" for 13 ounce vinyl banner $500.00

At Bigger Better Banner, you can find quantity large format printing pricing. The maximum width for Matte and Gloss laminate is 56" inches while the maximum width for the crystal laminate is 48" inches. Shipping of banners whose sizes exceed 36" by 48" inches will result in oversize shipping fees. Call them today for pricing.

The Cost of Other Custom Banners

The following are the costs of fabric and paper headlines:

  • A fabric banner measuring 48" by 24" inches costs $49.23

  • An aluminum custom sign measuring 36" by 24" inches cost $76.35

Get Quality banners At Cost-Effective Prices from Experts!

Bigger Better Banner has always been the best banner designer for customers in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Our custom signs are among the most typical ways to advertise a brand and get the attention of passing traffic. 

While others offer pennant design and printing services to residents of Los Angeles, they're slow in making their clients' banners with a promise to deliver in 48 hours. Bigger Better Banner assures customers that they'll get their flags within 24 hours upon request. Expedite service ensures that customers get their signs quickly, meaning customers can inaugurate the banners for their intended purposes on time. Call them today and get a sign design pricing.


Is Ordering Customized Vinyl Banners Complicated?

Ordering a custom-made vinyl streamer is pretty straightforward. Just choose the best volume and quantity. You then select the options or add-ons that you need. Bigger Better Banners can customize the customer's vinyl banner with hems alone, hems and grommets, or with pole pockets. You then present your design and we print it for you.

What Can You Include in a Customized Vinyl Streamer Order?

Bigger Better Banner provides everything that you need. Each order includes a free quote. UPS ground shipping costs only $15.

How Long Will Custom Vinyl Banners Last?

When you use them outdoors, a Bigger Better Banner sign lasts between three to five years. The banners last seven to ten years if you use it indoors. While custom vinyl banners can withstand rain, sleet, snow, and other weather elements, caring for them will add to their luster and life.

How Do You Hang Your Banner?

You should hang the vinyl banner by using all the grommets to prevent the ensign from tearing or ripping. It's best to use ropes, hanging clips, zip ties, or bungee cords to secure the sign. Protect the streamer from direct sunlight to prevent it from fading over time. If extremely high winds are forecast, you should take the flag down to protect it from destruction.

How Do You Clean Your Banner?

The headline may require cleaning if you are using it outdoors. Clean it with lukewarm water and dish soap but avoid brushes and washers. Dry it with soft towels to protect it from scratches and ruins.

Boost Business Traffic with Professional Banners

Bigger Better Banner offers guaranteed quality and fast shipping on all purchased custom vinyl banners for residents in Los Angeles.

Are you ready to design and order your custom banners? If you'd like more information, you can look at our artilze about sizes for banner printing or our article about parade banner ideas