You put a ton of work into your cub scout meetings, and they're probably a blast. However, if you want to be a great Den Leader, you’ve got to keep adding and changing your activities. Dress them up with fancy signs and banners, and get everyone involved. If you can help them learn how to work together while they have fun, you’ve done even better. This list of games and activities will have your Cub Scouts laughing and learning, and building important skills.

Birthday Line Up

Your scouts should spend about 10 minutes on this game. While they play this game, they’ll learn to work together and solve problems. The rules of this game are simple; you won’t need any signs or anything. Simply line everyone up side-by-side. Once you’ve got everyone lined up side-by-side, have them rearrange in order of their birthdays. The trick to this game is your scouts shouldn’t speak. Instead, tell your cubs to use sign language, nudges, or other techniques to get themselves in the right order.

Circle of Silence

You’ll spend another 10 minutes on the Circle of Silence. For each round of this game, you’ll have all your scouts except one stand in a circle. Your singled-out scout stands in the center, blindfolded. If you want, you can make signs for them to wear as well. When you’re ready to begin the round, your circle scouts will pass around something like a tin full of marbles. The center scout must listen for and point out wherever he hears the sounds. Use this game to teach your scouts teamwork, as well as active listening.

Tallest Tower

This is a good game if you’re looking for longer activities. For Tallest Tower, you’ll get building blocks and other supplies together, and divide them up evenly for each of your teams. Give your scouts 20 minutes to build the tallest free-standing tower they can make. After 20 minutes, measure the towers and determine your winner. If you want, you can include little signs and other decorations to add style points. Because of the challenge and attention to detail that goes into these towers, this is a good activity for practicing teamwork, patience, and time management.

These activities are great to work into your routine for your cub scout meetings. If you’re looking to make signs or banners for any of your cub scout events, Bigger Better Banners makes it easy. Simply start at the home page, and design your own signs, banners, magnetic signs, posters, and everything. If you want some personal help, call (888) 958-1991.

Do you have any stories of fun games you’ve thought up? We’d love to hear it on our Facebook page. If you try these games, we’d love to hear about that too.

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