Halloween is coming, and it’s time to get your home ready for another spooktacular holiday! Many families enjoy spending a day or two transforming their home from a beautiful place to live into a run-down haven for all sorts of nightmarish creatures of the night using lots of pumpkins, yard signs, cobwebs, custom banners, and all sorts of other goodies. Some people even have a “Pre-Halloween Decorating party” before the actual date, and have their friends and family help out getting their home ready for the big night.


If you need ideas for new Halloween decorations, we have lots of ideas that you can take a look at. Sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration to get your creative juices flowing. Here are some great tips on how you can use yard signs to dress up your front yard and give your home a creepier atmosphere:


Silhouette Yard Signs to Create a Scary Atmosphere

A dark silhouette yard sign is an easy way to give your home a spooky atmosphere. Because they are all black, the coloring is simple. You can shape your silhouette yard signs to look like witches, ghosts, zombies, black cats, or any scary monster you choose. 


At night, you can use lighting to highlight the darker silhouettes. Flickering lighting creates an even spookier effect. Or leave your yard signs in the dark, and leave passers-by guessing about what they thought they saw lurking in your yard.


Bid Your Ghoulish Guests Hello With a Sign to Welcome Them Inn

A great idea you can use is to create a ‘Dead and Breakfast’ Inn Sign to place near your doorstep. This is a delightfully scary way to welcome guests to your home. With just a few yard signs, a signpost, and some decorations, you can create a great looking sign that will delight even the most hideous of Halloween creatures that come to your doorstep.


Make a Graveyard Without Digging up Your Lawn

If you want to create your own graveyard in your front lawn, here is a quick and simple method. You can use an old towel, brown dye, spray glue, potting soil, and a few newspapers to create a grave mound. Make a few, then top them off with headstone yard signs. You can also include skeleton hands and feet, or cobwebs to add to the creepiness of your new graveyard.


Use a Yard Sign as a Base for a Halloween Mascot

Using 2 or more yard signs as a base, you can piece coroplast signs together to create a mannequin. Next, drape some clothes on it, or add layers of white sheets or clear plastic to create a ghost. Use newspapers to flesh out the clothes and add a body to the clothes. You can also add thick winter gloves to look like hands. Finally, add a creepy (or cute) mask to finish your creation. Stick the sign in the ground to hold it in place. Once you have finished, you will have your own mascot out front to greet anyone who stops by.


Add a Little High Tech Spookiness to Your Yard Signs

A great idea for your yard sign is to add special lighting for added effect. You can even use motors to give them motion and make them extra special. A zombie with moving arms? A black cat with red flashing eyes? All these are possibilities with a little ingenuity and a few yard signs. To help you cut the cords, use battery-powered outdoor lights and motors. Make sure to enclose the battery casing to keep it safe from the elements. 


Great Halloween Ideas Inspired by Great Yard Signs

With these great ideas, as well as several others you can find online, you’ll have plenty of inspiration to use yard signs to create a frightfully fabulous front yard. Whether your goal is to create a front yard to welcoming costumed kids to collect a treat, or to give passersby a real scare with something truly terrifying, Halloween is the night to do it, so make it fun and enjoyable!