The pictures above are of a brand-new banner printed by one of our competitors. This banner is less than a week old, hung outside a restaurant. As you can see, the grommets are already ripping through the vinyl. It’s secured with bungee cords, which should be absorbing a lot of the shock, but because this printer chose to skip the hemming process to save time and money, the customer’s banner is already ripping apart. In the end, they shortchange their clients.


We believe every printed banner design should be hemmed. Our custom banners come standard with a 1-inch hem on all four sides in any size.

Hems add strength to the edges, reducing cup and curl flex. But most importantly, adding strength to the outer edge to hold grommets for hanging in windy outdoor conditions. Many of our competitors cut corners and don’t bother to hem. Without reinforcement, our competitor’s grommets will rip out (see images below). Our vinyl banners last much longer.

 Hems are very important for the structural integrity of the banner. But what kind of hems make a difference? Hems are very important for the structural integrity of the banner. But what sort of hems make a difference? Many of our competitors use double-faced tape to make their hems. The problem is that the tape adhesive fails with a bit of sun or heat exposure. Sometimes rolling the printed banner up to ship causes puckering along the PVC edge. We don’t tape our hems. Instead, we weld our hems using an industrial Miller Weld Master 112. This fuses the banner back onto itself, making an incredibly strong outer edge nearly impossible to open.

a close up of a door handle on a door.


When you’re a customer of Bigger Better Banner, you’re treated like a family friend! Bigger Better Banner is a part of a family-owned and managed printing company in business since 1953. Our story began almost six decades ago when our first generation of printers opened a commercial photo studio and lab specializing in high-quality graphics for corporate customers and retailers.

Over the years, the industry changed to digital printing, and so did we. Our business has spent the last twenty years focusing on the production of large format digital prints, signs, and banner printing for scores of national retailers, museums, and event companies.

While the printing process certainly has changed over the years, our commitment to quality products and our family values approach to customer service has never wavered. We’re still working from the same plant just outside Los Angeles with a staff of 15 loyal employees. We use only top-of-the-line industrial-grade printing equipment, including Vutek and Durst printers.

We have banner printing right in our name, but Bigger Better Banner offers much, much more. We use the same high-quality digital printing processes to produce attractive and economical window signs, coroplast signs, and other types of sign printing for businesses, families, charities, schools, and civic groups. You can also use your designs to make perforated window film or magnetic receptive graphics that you can mount or change in a few seconds.

And the best part? You can design your sign from the comfort of your own home or office, and we’ll ship it to you – fast! Bigger Better Banner wants to be your one-stop-shop for digital sign and banner printing, and we have a full menu of styles and types to make it happen.

Our commitment to our customers doesn’t end with a great product. We share our customers’ concerns about the environment, so we use only environmentally safe, UV-cured inks. UV-cured inks are safer than traditional solvent inks, but they offer the same colorfastness and durability. These inks are available in every color of the rainbow, and our expert technicians are experts in color identification and print management.

Bigger Better Banner is proud of our reputation for quality products, honest dealing, and hard work. We’re pleased to offer our banners to everyone, everywhere from our full-service website. You’ll love our banners, and you’ll love our incredibly low prices even more!


We’re the biggest name in custom vinyl banners and have a proven track record of producing exceptional collateral for our customers. See what makes our banners bigger and better than anyone else’s:


We use high-end color calibration software to match your hues perfectly. We know how important branding is, and we take the time to ensure your banner’s colors match your digital branding perfectly. Best of all, our UV-cured inks won’t fade in the sun or leach into the material, promising exceptional color for years to come.


We only print vinyl banners, using high-grade vinyl material and metal grommets for superior construction that lasts. Our banners are rated for indoor and outdoor use and will stand up to everything from intense UV exposure to heavy weathering without showing signs of weakness or wear.


We care about the environment, which is why we use UV-cured inks that are durable, scratch- and fade-resistant, and will not leech into our atmosphere or your banners. Solvent-based inks emit tons of harmful VOCs into the atmosphere and will outgas for weeks into your home or business. We are a solvent-free print house and use only environmentally-friendly printers and inks.


Every banner we print comes with a one-inch hem on all four sides to add strength to the grommets and reduce curling, ripping, or tearing. We don’t tape our hems, either—we weld them using an industrial Miller Weld Master 112. This fuses the banner back onto itself, making an incredibly strong outer edge that’s nearly impossible to open.

Fast Turnaround and Shipping

Need your banner fast? No problem! We offer free shipping on orders over $49 or same-day shipping when ordered before noon EST. We’ll get your banner printed, inspected, packaged, and out the door as fast as we can, without cutting corners. You’ll get a quality piece of collateral in no time at all.

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Vinyl banners are broadly applicable and great for all types of advertising. If you need to get the message out in a big way, contact Bigger Better Banner today to design your custom vinyl banner. Reach us at 310-227-8027, and let us put our expertise to work for you. We promise you’ll get a banner that’s above and beyond your expectations!

a now open sign hanging on the side of a building.