Banner Sizes

Determining the Right Banner Dimensions

When ordering a custom vinyl banner, one of the most critical decisions is selecting the appropriate banner size. There are several key factors to weigh when deciding on print banner size.

Banner Display Location

Where will the vinyl banner be exhibited? Indoor and outdoor environments have distinct considerations for vinyl banner sizes. Outdoor banners sizes need to be larger since they need to capture attention from further away and withstand weather conditions. Indoor banner sizes are often more constrained by wall space or venue regulations.

Banner Viewing Distance

How far away will the audience view the custom vinyl banner? Large banner sizes are needed for audiences viewing them from a distance. If viewers will be up close, a more compact banner could suffice.

Banner Information Density

What information needs to be included on the banner? Banners with just an image or logo can utilize a more compact banner size. If the banner will contain paragraphs of text, a larger banner size is better to keep the copy legible from a distance.

Banner Size and Exposure Time

How long will viewers see the banner? If exposure time is brief, large banner sizes draw more attention. For longer exhibiting times, a smaller banner size may be equally effective.

Regulations Related to Banners Size

Are there any regulations restricting banner sizes for the display location? Many cities and venues have specific policies limiting banner sizes. Checking the specific banner size constraints is an essential early step.

Carefully weighing these key dimensional factors will lead to selecting the ideal banner size for your marketing or project. Our extensive banner sizes allow you to choose the perfect width and height for your project.

Creating Custom Banner Sizes

We make designing and ordering a custom banner size easy:

  1. Use our banner design tool to layout graphics, images, logos and text.
  2. If you have a design already, select the banner size from our broad size offerings.
  3. Choose layout templates and upload further visual elements to your banner.
  4. Preview the custom banner proof digitally from your device.
  5. Confirm the custom banner size and our production team will handle the printing and shipping.

Our custom banner experts are ready to address any questions on optimal banner sizes or to assist with special projects requiring custom banner sizes. Let us guide you in determining the perfect measurements to achieve your banner goals. Please refer to the most popular standard banner sizes at the top of this page. Contact us if you have any questions.

Pro Tip: To get banner sizes in inches, simply multiply each dimension by 12. So a 2×3 banner, which is measured in feet, would be 24 inches x 36 inches.

Learn More About Banner Sizes

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