Q:  Can I use my banners outdoors

A:  Yes of course all of our banners our water and weatherproof depending on wind conditions will last several years outdoors.

Q: Why do you hem your banners

A:  For strength. Our standard banner comes with a 1 inch hem all the way around our banners for strength this gives a perimeter to set the grommets into and allows you to pull and stretch the banner for a better stronger install

Q: Why do you Weld your Hems

A: Because it’s the strongest most reliable system- sewing ads perforation and adhesive tapes always come undone in the heat of the sun.  sewing is by far the strongest method.

Q: Why do some banners smell when I take them out of the box

A: You must be buying solvent ink banners.  This  a big no-no solvent is bad for environment and bad for the working environment yes the solvent inks are cheaper but they make banners that outgas solvents for weeks and this will be leaking into your business or home. We never use solvent inks in our printing