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What is a step and repeat banner?

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A Step and Repeat banner is the backdrop with logos. They’re seen behind celebrities on red carpets. You also see brides and grooms using these at weddings and a sweet 16 event. They’re also becoming more popular at graduation parties. They’ve recently become popular with photo booths, trade shows, and business conferences.

This custom vinyl banner is an inexpensive way to increase brand awareness. The point is to use these custom banners to make your company logo and business name appear in the background. Combine that with images that are recognizable by your audience. In reality, it’s a giant media wall that uses a graphic design to your company brand logo. 

Creating your Step and Repeat style of banner is easy. They’re sometimes called backdrop banners. But they’re like any other custom banner.

There is no need to roll out the Hollywood red carpet backdrop to create a fun time at your baby shower party. Any professional or personal event can benefit. Whether a trade show or a conference, they’re great ways to promote an event. They work for a presentation or an inauguration too. They’re perfect for any event you want your company to have a professional impact.

Step and repeat banners are not only for a red carpet event. They’re also suitable for celebrations outside the professional or advertising context. This type of display is excellent for a wedding, a birthday, or a baby shower. Use them for a 50th birthday celebration, graduation, and many other occasions. 

If the event occurs outdoors, be careful about choosing the suitable material. Outdoor banners need to use the correct display material. It will be the most attended part of your ceremony wherever they’re placed. Delight your guests by having them take a picture taken in front of it.Red Carpet and velvet rope leading to a step and repeat banner - Order your Step and Repeat Banner today

How do you design a step and repeat banner? 

Have you ever struggled with a banner design? Have you tried to stay within a budget while launching the best marketing campaign ever? Let’s face it, most red carpet celebrities you want to partner up with are usually out of your reach. 

Our banners offer an opportunity to gain professional fame without going broke. Your logo will not only appear on display but will also remain anchored in the memories of your guests. 

This type of media backdrop is usually black or white, but we make them in any color. It’s essential to choose the right color to make the company logo visible during the special event. 

We place key visual elements like the brand or company logo in staggered rows with a Step and Repeat Banner. They’re located in relation to each other in a repeating pattern. This serves to guide the eye. The number of times the eye recognizes an image is determined by the size of the canvas surface. A matte finish will ensure a lack of glare when using flash photography. This helps when taking pictures of people standing in front of the logo wall. 

But the relevance of this goes further than that. In this age of digital Step and Repeat banner printing, it is now possible to reproduce any design in any color. Use a step repeat banner to illustrate backgrounds during shows, shootings, etc. 

The banner size for photo opportunity banners depends on the amount of vertical space. The location is also essential. If you have enough room for a photo booth, you’ll have enough room for a step and repeat banner. 

As far as the fabric material, you want your printing services to use a matte vinyl construction. Any print shop’s design tool can ensure that the repeating logo is visible. Stay away from polyester and polyester fabric as the lack of weight can blow in the wind and ruin photos. 

Advertising Partnership Potential 

Red carpets are wide, so they can display several different sponsor logos simultaneously. But there is a cheaper and more accessible solution. Offer to another company to use the same background for their logo and spread the costs. The only downside is that co-branded banners are not usually reusable for advertising. Determine if the investment will be a long-term investment before trying this idea. 

Example Step and Repeat Banner for an award ceremony - Buy Your Step And Repeat Banner and Make your Ceremony a hit

Return on Marketing Investment 

Our banners are customizable and can be used for years to come. They’re flexible and versatile, adapting themselves to any environment. So you can advertise anywhere – indoors or outdoors. 

A Step and Repeat banner is an element of your marketing campaign that you only need to invest in once. This holds as long as you keep the same logo, message, or particular product that you are trying to promote.  

Solid Banner Material 

Every material has a purpose. For this type of banner, two main types of materials are used: a vinyl banner and a fabric banner. The size of the canvas can vary and is only limited by the size of the machine that prints the banner. We do not use fabric banners except for special orders on a custom setup. 

The vinyl Step and Repeat is often considered the strongest, thickest, and most durable. It will meet constant needs over the long term. A Step and Repeat backdrop banner fits indoors and outdoors. 

Use care when choosing the color composition. Some colors can create a dazzling look when taking pictures. Others can cause undue glare. This is especially the case when the colors are dark, or the palette uses solid colors. Always clean them with non-abrasive substances.  

Fabric, unlike vinyl, is more matte in nature. During printing, the ink is impregnated into the fabric. It is more suitable for darker colors. The fabric Step and Repeat banner are perfect for beautiful photo and film renderings. 

We recommend this option for indoor rather than outdoor exposures. This is because the fabric is thinner, which facilitates the passage of light. This can be problematic when the sun is strong or when it rains. Avoid wetting this type of banner at all costs. Moisture can leave watermarks or dark circles. 

You must also be very careful when cleaning banners. Green and organic janitorial products will save your design from fading. 

Storage of the banner 

The storage of the banner is another crucial element. Avoid folding banners at all costs, even in the case of fabric backdrops. They’re not comparable to clothes or bed sheets. Fabric banners are made from a heavy blended material. It’s thicker to the touch than most fabrics used in everyday life. It leaves creases and lines that can’t be easily removed when folded. 

Instead of folding, roll banners up on a PVC tube along its vertical poles. Rolling them up produces smooth banners that you can reuse repeatedly.  

3D Modeling of a blank step and repeat banner behind a red carpet and in front of curtains - Buy a Step and Repeat Banner to make this mock up a reality

Stabilizing Banner Stands 

A banner without support is not an effective banner. The carriers and the methods used to display them are very diverse. Many American companies use plastic stands with thin legs at the base. This is not the most efficient system since banners often sag and sway when using this type of stand. 

That’s why you need a good banner stand for your photo backdrop. This is true whether it is an outdoor display or an indoor retractable or roll-up backdrop. This includes a vertical pole on each side of the custom backdrop. 

It is common for banner companies to use the string-and-grommet technique and poles. For this, you need to make sure the banner has a pole pocket. A thin nylon cord is passed through steel eyelets. These also wrap around any vertical and horizontal component. This option causes rocking and even sagging.  

Under the best of circumstances, it is preferable to use steel and aluminum supports. These materials provide superior rigidity and stability. For added safety, always use sandbags or weights. Please make sure they’re at least 25 pounds. This will ensure they stabilize your banner system, whether indoors or outdoors. This is especially true with a retractable banner as they weigh more. 

Get your step and repeat banner today! 

The Step and Repeat backdrops allow almost unlimited uses in the display industry. For movie premieres or charity events, step and repeat banners are outstanding. They’re lovely for sports championships or even a presidential campaign. They promote events well; that’s why this type of banner is prevalent. 

Now you know the best variations for different uses. Keep in mind the safety and maintenance rules. This will ensure you can maintain and keep your Step and Repeat Backdrop for the long term. 

No matter what choice you make, we guarantee this: your message will be conveyed fantastically. Fast delivery and best price guaranteed on our Step and Repeat backdrop packages. 

Bigger Better Banner provides practical solutions for Step and Repeat banner printing. We are happy to contribute in our small way to your company’s big reputation. The vinyl backdrops we create are attractive and offer many flexible variations. 

You can check out our templates and change them to your needs. Beautify your events and sales promotions by using a strategically placed banner. Order your x-stand banners or any other kind of personalized banners now!