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Why you need a vinyl banner with Grommets

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Customized banners with grommets are a versatile and durable business signage tool. They work both indoors and outdoors. These banners can last for years regardless of the location, fabric, or hanging method. Once you hang your banner well, there is no risk of tearing or falling.

Are you still unsure which types of custom banners you need? Are you wondering why you need grommet-style banners? Then this article is for you!

Rolled up vinyl banner with custom wording and grommets - Buy your Affordable Banner with grommets today

Why do you need grommets for banners?

With a well-secured banner, you increase the effectiveness of your display. This makes it more readable. You also ensure that your banner lasts as long as it should. That way, your beautiful vinyl sign or mesh vinyl sign lasts as long as possible. Depending on if your banner has grommets, pockets, or none of these, you hang them in different ways.

For example, if you have a mounted banner with poles, you must use a pole pocket in each corner. That means you need a metal grommet to hold the poles up, so they don’t rip the scrim vinyl fabric hemmed edges. Grommets for banners is a wise choice as it makes them stronger.

Grommets are metal rings, such as brass grommets. They’re attached to the corners of a banner not only to make it easier to hang but also to ensure its durability. They’re necessary if you want your banner to last as long as possible. For a mesh banner, a hemmed grommet is an absolute must. Otherwise, the banner material will rip and tear the vinyl or polyester fabric.

It’s not enough to drill a hole at the four corners of the banner as it could tear once hung. This is especially true for vertical banners that are usually only supported on one side. The role of the grommets is to strengthen and protect the hole. When done right, grommets will allow the banner to hang without tearing. This is less of an issue with an indoor banner because there is no wind to worry about.

A post pocket is a banner folded back on itself and sewn to create an open pocket at one or both ends. They’re used for sliding on a pole or threading a rope to hang it.

But what exactly is a grommet?

When hanging your customized banner, you should become familiar with the grommets. What are they exactly? Grommets are small metal rings that reinforce the holes drilled in a material. They’re made for hanging the banner and protecting it. Most often, you see eyelets on curtains. But grommets are also handy for flag banners or retractable banners.

Here is a summary of the role of the grommets:

  • They’re made of two pieces of different types of materials. This includes rubber, plastic, and various types of metal.
  • By pressing two eyelets together, a solid ring/hole forms in the fabric.
  • With this ring, you can safely pass a rope, bungee cord, string, hooks, or other suspension devices through.
  • Unlike eyelets, grommets do not consist of two pieces but one piece.

Types of grommets

The use of grommets is now widespread throughout the world. They’re used both for a horizontal and a vertical banner. They’re most often used to hang vinyl banners promoting products. They’re even used to secure a tarp. They make grommets out of various materials, including PCV, rubber, plastic, and metal. They consist of two parts:

  • The washer – also called “the flat ring.” This is usually all needed for standard fabric banners and advertising flag banners.
  • The eyelet – the serrated inner ring

Grommets often go hand in hand with banner stands. The inner ring is compressed onto the flat ring with grommets on custom banners. This ensures a secure fit between the two parts. Grommets are attached to all types of materials, including fabric banners. They are a great design tool and can sometimes be vibrant colors to match the banner theme.

ring banner grommet tied with a zip tie
ring banner grommet tied with a zip tie


Rubber Grommets

Not having sharp edges is one aspect that people refrain from rubber grommets. Sometimes the sharp edges of the metal eyelets cut the material. It is even more critical to have grommets with custom mesh banners because of the generally lighter and weaker material. Rope, for example, is one of the materials that can fray if a metal eyelet is damaged. A better alternative is to use large rubber grommets. If you have a vinyl banner, it is best to use nickel-plated brass grommets or another type of metal grommets.

Plastic Grommets

Plastic eyelets prevent sharp edges from sinking into their tracks. Rubber eyelets don’t provide this protection. Plastic grommets are sometimes entirely synthetic. In other cases, they’re coated with plastic coating. These devices protect the rope or string from breaking if the ring gets damaged.

Metal Grommets

The banners can also have metal eyelets made of brass or another type of metal. The most common material is nickel-coated brass. They’ve proven their reliability. Metal eyelets are a sustainable and planet-friendly solution. They’ve become an industry standard.

What Are The Standard Grommet Sizes?

There are different types of grommets for banner sizes:

  • 3/16 inch
  • 3/8 inch
  • half inch
  • 1 inch
  • 7/16 inch

The loop sizes listed are the inside surface area of the fastener. Of all these alternatives, the one that fits most banners is 3/8 inch. This size is standard and does not alter the visual appearance of the display, even in small banner sizes.

Where are the grommets located?

A customized hanging banner or custom vinyl banners come with grommets. This is usually at each corner. Metal grommets are the most common choice, especially brass. They are both sturdy and resistant and allow you to use heavier hooks to hang your sign. The fabric is then well maintained and protected from tearing.

On banners that have a significant length, extra grommets are sometimes placed:

  • At the top
  • At the bottom middle
  • Approximately every 4 inches

For any personalized banner order, simply specify the desired quantity. Then let us know about the arrangement of grommets. Then our team will make the banner according to your needs. Bigger Better Banner can easily modify the fastener structure of any banner. We can also use our standard position. Either way, we ensure the safety, strength, and durability of your banner printing before we make and ship it. If you wish to have a vinyl banner made, we also recommend that you use a hem.

Blank banner with grommets on a barricade at an event - You could buy a banner with grommets and make this image a reality

Best Places to Hang Grommet Banners

Hanging or hooking banners between two bollards is common. It’s used as a display method, especially with a retractable banner. We recommend that grommets be provided for the banner to be well stretched by a zip tie and a hook. At least at the four corners of the displayed surface. These can be used for this purpose:

  • Rope
  • Zip ties
  • Screws
  • Hooks

In the case of larger banners, it is preferable to use a single central post. By doing so, your banner will stay taut. This will give you a better appearance during your events. It will also help with your party and avoid possible incidents. They help protect from damage in adverse weather conditions. If the weather is too extreme, it makes more sense to remove the banner. Especially if it is not made of a material that passes air, it is the most resistant to strong wind and other environmental forces. And if the banner will live in windy conditions, such as with pole banners, we recommend wind slits.

In another technique, the banners are also hung from a higher point. This is done using materials of varying strength:

  • Rope
  • String
  • Metal chains
  • Fishing lines
  • Suction cup

The rope must be long enough to pass through the grommets and back to the anchor point of the rope. This can often be threaded through the screw eyes on the banner stands. However, these materials cannot be attached to the banner without the eyelets. That’s why we always used a welded hem style for all of our banners.

The last technique is to display a banner on a mast using either grommets or a pocket on the mast. Then using grommets, use metal clips or zippers to attach them to a pole. Caution: the pole must have an appropriate design to receive the ¼ clips.

When sliding a mast into the top or bottom of the banner, mast pockets are handy. However, this hanging technique is not recommended for large banners. Instead, you can attach custom banner flags to masts with a banner stand.

Difference Between Banners with Grommets

There are many types of banners and popular vinyl banners that use grommets. These include custom pole banners and 9, 11, 13, and 15 oz mesh banners. This includes Drop flag banners and vertical banner display systems. It also includes angled flag banners and fabric mesh banners. They can all benefit from the usage of grommets to reinforce them.

Depending on the function of banners, different heavy metal base units may be used. This is also true of the shapes of banner designs and the application of banner designs. Vinyl banner material is all we use at Bigger Better Banner. Our 15 oz vinyl banners are the strongest available. But an 11-ounce vinyl banner is also powerful for the right situation.

Grommets increase the versatility of banners and specially angled flag banners. They work for any advertising banner flags and flexible feather banners. Grommets ensure that you get an effective banner. They also make sure that your x-stand banners, banner signs, and plastic banners are strong. They do the same thing for parade banners, graduation banners, and more.

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