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How to add banner stand lights to your display

Banner stand lights are essential in many businesses, such as retail. But it’s also important in other types of professional projects. Artificial lighting is ubiquitous. Artificial light guides your gaze, directs you to the right places, and makes you feel safe and secure. The proper lighting also makes your custom banners pop and completely visible at all times and from all angles.

Exhibition lighting can give much more emphasis and depth to your banners and your show. So light becomes more and more critical, especially when your banner is in a dimly lit room. You can place retractable banners premium retractable banner setups anywhere. But there’s usually not very good lighting.

Exhibition halls do not have enough light. For the presenter’s stands to be noticed, they need to rely on their lighting. It would be best to use a banner stand light setup unless you are using a backlit banner.

At a trade show, countless exhibitors compete for the public’s attention. It can be very helpful to use lighting to increase the impact of your display. This will allow you to get ahead of your surrounding competitors. 

Light display overhead aiming down onto a large format banner

How do you add banner stand lights to your display?

Light has the power to create a meaningful attraction to a banner display graphic. An essential part of the advertising process is to achieve the mood and theme you want to convey. Lighted banners stand out from the competition. They’re helpful in crowded showrooms or sales outlets.

Backlit displays are made of a combination of tech lighting. This includes translucent wall panels and multicolor LED light arrays. You can place the strip of LED lights behind the banners. This will highlight your logo images and catchy message.

Create buzz around your product or brand by adding strip lights. Strip lights are very popular for custom backdrops because of how evenly they light them. You locate these behind or alongside your advertising mediums. Good lighting modernizes your advertising and brings your slogan to life. Surpass your competitors at your next event with extra lighting for your displays!

Let’s take a look at some simple and complex ways to use quality LED lights in your graphic banner. This will help you draw attention to your brand and your message with style.

The importance of using proper lighting

Shopping is becoming a staged leisure activity. Shopping malls and boutiques are becoming event spaces. They seek to entertain visitors while conveying a message and selling products. They use light to awaken emotions and create a brand identity. Well implemented lighting has the power to provoke buying impulses and promote sales. Light creates added value. All the more so when the lighting concept and control are a coherent unit and treated as such.

In presentation and sales, target group-oriented lighting scenarios are becoming more critical. Authenticity plays a central role in the design of such lighting solutions.

Each target group reacts in a different way to different types of lighting. With presentation and sales, the effectiveness of light is linked to purchasing motivations. Use lighting to increase customers’ well-being and extend their stay in the store. This, in turn, increases sales success.

What kind of lighting should you use?

Choosing a photovoltaic lighting system for our advertisement display is challenging. You have to select the power and number of halogens for the size of the advertisement.

A good rule of thumb is to assume that the 10W LED halogen power is enough to cover an area 13 feet wide and 22 feet long. This lighting will provide proper lighting for the entire advertisement. If you have an advertising banner 52 feet wide, it will be best to use four 10W halogens.

We discourage the use of halogens with power greater than 10 Watts. They provide too much light and longer, impractical arms. In the case of a 10W halogen, a 6 feet extension arm or telescopic pole is enough. With a 20W halogen, the arm should be twice as long. You should also pay attention to the double power consumption of 20 Watt halogen.

From the visual point of view, it is much better to install four 10W halogen light units each than two 20 Watt ones. The light from such an installation will be better distributed. These indicators should help you navigate through the illumination levels. You could also use a retractable banner stand spotlight. But these leave undesirable shadows on the signage.

Whatever the chosen wattage, try to keep your vinyl banner away from the heat of the light, so it is not melted. This is less important with a fabric banner but still an issue. You don’t want to warp your banner graphics and need to get a replacement graphic at the last minute. Silicone edge graphics can withstand much more heat. Then the lights won’t ruin your perfect marketing message.

This is not the case with a backlit display banner as they have their built-in lighting, and they run much cooler. These lights are usually built into the frame. They have selectable color temperatures. This is a helpful feature, but for vertical banners, which are often placed outside, a different type of lighting is needed.

Most lighting systems come with the necessary mounting hardware. This includes adjustable telescopic pole units. This pairs very well with a retractable display frame. They’re both completely flexible.

Freestanding light for a banner on a light stand

How to choose the right light system to power a banner ad

The easiest way to describe it is to use 10W LED points, which are enough to illuminate a 26 feet display. For the total power of 20W, it would be optimal to use a solar panel with a capacity of 2 x 130W or 1x260W and a 110 Ah battery. Of course, you can reduce these requirements. For example, you could choose a 130W/80Ah. But smaller and cheaper solar power systems will work in less sunny months.

With a more significant number of light points and applications, double the size. In the case of 4x10W power, use two solar panels 260W and two batteries 110Ah. You would connect these in series for 24V due to higher efficiency by using MPPT models with power point tracking and a retractable stand. This will allow more efficient charging in sunless weather.

Battery efficiency in outdoor lights

When constructing a power supply for an advertising banner, consider the battery. When discharged for an extended period of time, they wear out much faster than a full battery. Adjust the system so that it will be fully charged after complete discharge in no more than 10-20 hours.

The worst time for batteries is late autumn and winter. Then the day is significantly shortened because the charging is much smaller. The light requirements are higher because we want to light your banner for as long as possible.

The majority of batteries in advertising lighting systems are mounted on the outside. Negative temperatures do not harm the battery itself. They don’t affect the battery’s lifespan, but they can reduce capacity. Having a battery with a total of 110 Ah at -4F, its power will be reduced by almost half, i.e., about 60 Ah.

Advertising lighting control

The easiest solution may be to use a regular timer. The run time of advertising lights is different depending on the year’s season. Summer and winter time affect the run time too. The best and cheapest solution is to install a charge controller. Always include the streetlight options. With this solution, you can set the threshold of lighting. Then the light sensor will switch on and off on its own.

Other controllers allow you to adjust the number of hours of light after dark and before dusk. This solution has a significant advantage. It does not need continuous adjustment and works at any time of year.

This is a lot to carry in a carrying case. Many are often needed to carry your equipment to the location of your exhibit booth or elsewhere. So pack your carry bag wisely to reduce the number of packages needed for your portability.

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