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Ideas for designing custom backdrops

(about a 5-minute read)

Custom backdrops are used in step and repeat banner setups. The Step and Repeat backdrop banner is used for photoshoots. The aim is to improve the quality of the background. With these custom banners, any celebration looks like a red carpet parade. The atmosphere is immediately more eye-catching. Your new products become more appealing, and the photos will last for years on the web and in print media.

Any glitter topper party, birthday, or event is a unique moment of sharing. This is true whether on a professional or personal level. It is a great way to immortalize these moments uniquely.

Blank backdrop banner on a metal pole frame - The backdrop you buy would go up like this

What are some ideas for designing custom backdrops?

The backdrop that you set up for your company, product, or event contributes to:

  • Reinforcing your message
  • Adding extra intrigue
  • Maintaining the interest of your audience

So how do you take your custom backdrop to the next level? Use it in a glamorous step and repeat the banner setup. If you want to maximize the impact of your promotion, it’s time to get creative with your canvas.

Layer shapes

The fastest way is to overlay the shapes is the quickest way to personalize your vinyl backdrops. So far, you may have used forms to support other images in your story. But they can do much more.

The method is simple. By combining a few shapes, you can create original patterns and designs. These shapes can be the same or even different, it doesn’t matter. Make sure that the colors of your shapes adapt to your content or the product you are promoting.

Room sets

If you want a specific environment such as a home, school, or office, it’s also possible to create a room décor. You can find images or inspiration online. If you want to create something personalized, you can create your rooms.

Another trick is to make pairs of back rooms. That way, they’ll give an idea of the location without showing the entirety of the room. For example, you can use the desktop image with a computer on top. Then you can insert homework-related graphics around it.

Custom backdrop in front of a red carpet with lights above - Buy a Backdrop to make this look how you'd like

Zoom in on images

Another exciting option is to use individual images as a complete background. To do this, set your camera to zoom in. This immediately expands the range of your background options. All you have to do is choose the right image. Also, think about how you can use images in many ways to support your story.

Remember to lock your backgrounds if you’re working on the foreground action. The most important thing is not to move your perfect background images around.

Layer photography

Are you thinking about personalizing that engagement party photo? Experiment with importing pictures as a background. It gives you more flexibility to create a background that suits your situation. It can be a photo you took yourself or an image from royalty-free sites. Use the import icon to add your picture to the canvas with whichever option you choose. You can then either zoom in until it takes up the entire background. You may overlay many photos to create more sophisticated scenes. 

Stage Design Ideas

Thanks to careful scenography, the guests live a better experience. You’ll seduce your audience before they see the central entertainment or the speaker. The role of staging is to set the tone and intensify the audience’s reaction. By mastering the basics of stage design, you can let your imagination run wild. This helps you create your unique touch. It will make your audience notice you and feel more comfortable.

Cardstock Cut-outs

If you want to add some movement, you can use cardboard cut-outs of different colors. Hang them from a wire and place them under appropriate lighting. That way, you can achieve a fascinating stage set. This method is easy to do and costs less than other solutions.


Spandex is an inexpensive material. It’s also an excellent compromise to turn unattractive elements into something beautiful. You can also incorporate lighting elements to make the show stand out.

Rendering of a blank backdrop banner inside a building - this shows what your affordable backdrop would look like

Corrugated Plastic

An inexpensive lighting solution like corrugated plastic models can work. They have become a trendy choice. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so that you can adapt this method to your particular needs.

Foam Board

Here’s another affordable material alternative that offers excellent creative opportunities. Mount foam board that’s shaped and projected. These combinations allow for a unique look, such as using a wooden frame.

Built-in Venue Features

Make sure you take advantage of all the amenities that come with your meeting place. Then, integrate them into beautiful décor. It won’t increase your budget, but it will improve the quality of the display.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are often used in retro designs. Adjust the size or numbers of the shape to make them exciting and usable in large and small spaces. Use them to create screens that frame the main action and cover secondary scenes. Mounting on wheels makes them portable.


It is essential to count the number of guests that will attend your event. Then, determine which are most likely to have their picture taken in front of the backdrop.

The usual height for a background is 8′. You can customize the width to your needs. There is another possibility to use your Step and Repeat. Use a 4′ x 8′ sign with your company logo and information printed on it. This size will allow you to save some extra surface area.

Advantages of choosing a wider banner:

  • The edges of the background are less visible on the images.
  • Photograph several people against the wall at the same time.
  • The striking visual aspect of your event, especially at the entrance.

Advantages of choosing a smaller banner:

  • Integrates into any space, even limited (for example, behind your stand at a trade show)


For your logo or your company’s name to be legible enough, size them to fit in the frame. They must appear in the lens regardless of the number or size of people in the photo. The result is usually a tiny logo 9 to 11 inches wide and 5 to 7 inches high. Place this in a repeating pattern along the entire length of the background.


Nowadays, textual art is very popular. The different fonts are multiplying and are more beautiful than the other. Select the one that matches the personality of the brand. But don’t make it illegible when it gets smaller.  


Choose a theme and coordinate the colors to make an event look very professional. The color of your Step and Repeat banner should match the color of the event theme.

To avoid ugly reflections with vinyl, avoid anchors and leave a lot of white space. You may also wish to add banner stand lights to get fully balanced lighting. Finally, to further reduce the risk of glare, some people decide to add a slight grey tint to the vinyl. But fear not, it will always appear white on the shots.

If you favor a colored Step and Repeat Banner, the best thing to do is to choose a fabric. This is because so much colored ink may reflect off the vinyl. When selecting a color, be sure to select a color that will help your subjects stand out from the background. But don’t use glitter because it will cause all kinds of unwanted reflections.

Go for Bigger Better Banner

Choose a theme with minimal aesthetics, no-frills, and completely professional. Classic black and white seems to be the ideal solution. Create a rainbow effect with all the primary colors if you can’t decide. For a softer effect, use the pastel color palette. If you want a soothing effect, use variations such as pink, lilac, pale yellows and oranges, and mint green. If you want to create a natural environment, green is needed. Play with its different varieties until you get the desired illusion.

Whether black and white, flashy colors, a pastel rainbow, or tropical green, Bigger Better Banner has your back. We’ll advise you on your choices. We’ll ensure the results will be high quality and the closest to your expectations. Fast delivery and best price guaranteed