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How to use a step and repeat setup

The Step and Repeat banner setup is often associated with red carpet events. They display the powerful brands that sponsor the event. This contributes to commercial and artistic success. Artists showcase their logos to increase and intensify their brand awareness. Step and repeat setups always require custom banners or backdrops to get the best results.

Step and Repeat setups are not limited to a corporate event. This is where guests are celebrities, and the photographers are journalists. Reporters and companies want to get their company logo some media time. Sometimes they also want to glorify their illustrator.

Professional events are gaining popularity. This includes trade shows, conventions, promotional campaigns, and conferences. It’s a beautiful way to share artwork. This includes repeating logos via social media, especially with red carpet backdrops.

Many companies are using custom Step and Repeat banners. They use them as an inexpensive way to promote their business. They help draw attention to a message that is important to them and stimulate business. This backdrop banner display can be used more than one time. This allows for the most significant return on investment. Order yours now!

The desire to have an attractive banner becomes necessary, but you still need to install it. We’ll explain all the options and techniques for handling this popular communication tool. But while you’re at it, you’ll need a custom backdrop, so visit our custom backdrops article to learn more. Get some ideas for designing custom backdrops and learn all you need to know to complete your step and repeat setup.

How to use a step and repeat setup?

A step and repeat backdrop banner will add glory to your event. Not knowing how to set up your step and repeat banner can be frustrating. But not as bad as having it collapse on the guests. But that’s just one of the challenges for these indoor and outdoor banners. Choosing suitable materials is critical as well.

When investing in your backdrop, consider the ease of setup. Also, consider the quality of the booth that will support it. Otherwise, it will be like assembling or dismantling an Ikea piece of furniture. With Bigger Better Banner, you can be sure of the high quality of the material. The question now is how to handle your Step and Repeat banner correctly.

Step and repeat banner components including carry bag, base stands and horizontal and vertical poles in black

Assemble Your Step and Repeat Banner

Are you concerned about the banner assembly and the stand of your event? Setting up a retractable banner and simple stand options, such as a retractable stand with 3-4 poles, is easier than you think. It’s simple to assemble by one person. This means minimal setup time, especially with retractable banners.

  • Make sure your base stand units are on a level and stable ground. If necessary, stabilize the backdrop stand units with a professional pipe or a portion of PVC pipe.
  • Connect the top and bottom horizontal bars to the vinyl banner. The two sets of vertical poles should be the same length. This is easy since step and repeats display units are often shipped with telescopic poles. These poles are usually adjustable.
  • Bend the base on the telescopic pole using the screw. Stretch the vertical posts. Connect them using the included grommet pieces.
  • Turn the horizontal poles to a length a bit longer than the length of the banner material. Attach the upper horizontal, vertical pole in the pole pocket at the top of the banner.
  • Secure the top horizontal pole to the vertical posts with a screw button. Make sure the vertical bars line up with the base stands.
  • Make sure to make the middle or telescopic support poles even with the main horizontal and vertical bars. This includes telescopic side poles (for larger systems).
  • Unroll and stretch out the vinyl backdrop or fabric banner and smooth banners out. Then place the horizontal posts at the bottom of the banner. Insert the horizontal bar into the bottom pocket of the banner.
  • Attach the lower horizontal post to the vertical bars using the screw button. This is the same as previously done for the lower part to the step and repeat banner stand.

That’s it! Now your beautiful graphic logo wall is ready to be consumed. Your red carpet event attendees will have fun photo opportunities. They’ll spend hours in front of your media wall.



step and repeat banner frame and accessories



To keep your banner and reuse it for another upcoming red carpet event, store and transport it safely. Be careful not to fold your display but to roll it up. To keep your banner in good condition, it is best to have a convenient carry bag. Even if you plan to take your fabric step banner through train stations and airports. You want to make sure to get the display intact from point A to point B.


Quick changes for your background


Now that your matte vinyl banner is up, there are some things you can do to improve the performance of your screen:

  • Check that your lighting is even. The best is to balance your lighting as a speaker and your screen lighting.
  • Don’t wear clothes the same color as your background.
  • Make sure the material doesn’t have wrinkles or contains any reflective material. Don’t use an extravagant, unprofessional image. Instead, use a natural background. That way, it will bring out the beauty of the people and the legitimacy of the message.
  • Avoid using a green screen as a background for a video. This is only possible if you have a large studio and budget, as with Hollywood film productions. Otherwise, you will get a strange and disproportionate background.

Webarounds for your IT needs

The Web around solution is interesting if you sit at your desk for your video calls. Get the rectangular version if you want to make sure that the screen fills your camera. This is also called the Wide Shot Web around. Next, opt for a foldable stand for people who use a standing desk or want a little more flexibility. You’ll need a light frame and a clip to make it work.

webaround green screen photo backdrop

Go with a non-glare fabric.

Avoid choosing a glossy material, as this would make the signs shine. This will produce a glare that is not conducive to photos. Choose matte finish banners instead of glossy ones. As much as possible, choose a non-reflective fabric. These materials are a little more expensive than vinyl step and repeat banners. But they do not cause glare, reflections, or overexposure of logos when lit a little too much.

Tips For Implementing Paper Backgrounds

For those considering using a wide variety of paper backgrounds, a pulley system can be used. This will allow you to mount several papers at the same time. To do so, you can choose larger paper sizes, cut them to the height that fits your façade and mount the documents on the support. Many sizes are possible here, even the mega format. This is an effective solution for professional photography studios.

Choosing the Right Repeat Backdrop

When you design your vinyl banners, it’s essential to make sure that you use contrasting colors. Please make sure they’re balanced and well-chosen to appear clearly on the pictures. You’ll also want them to be visible and easily spotted by your audience.

Step and repeat banners are among the most popular banner display types, especially for any red carpet event special. We can make them in various sizes and for any banner format.

Bigger Better Banner is your #1 source for quality event signage nationwide. We offer an array of  banner sizes. You can customize them all. We also sell standard sizes that work for most occasions, such as an 4×8 banner size.

Need help with Step and Repeat banner printing and sizing? Contact our local studio or contact us for a free consultation or quote.