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Using Mesh Banners in Windy Situations

You might need a custom mesh banner if you’re planning to place your banner in the open air for an extended period of time. Is your location likely to experience adverse or even extreme weather conditions? Do you want to have ultimate control over nature and how it affects you?

Our customized mesh banner printing with mesh vinyl is your best bet. Our custom banners are the perfect solution for smooth and trouble-free windy situations.

Due to the perforated structure of the mesh, wind can pass through. This prevents the wind from pulling it and damaging it. The mesh is also characterized by its semi-translucent quality. This makes it partially see-through. This allows not only air but also light and sound to pass through better.

Vinyl backdrops or other material backdrops are still used outdoors by some. But they are not 100% resistant to the wind.

The main reason mesh banners are used for windy conditions. They are much better than standard vinyl banners because they allow the wind to pass through. The mesh banner material is very popular for construction sites. They’re often mounted on a construction site fence. This is because the mesh material lasts longer on the construction fences.

They’re also used to drum up more business on business days for retail stores. The mesh vinyl material on mesh advertising banners is the top choice for outdoor events. This includes many other outdoor applications. And we always recommend banners with grommets for any high stress or windy environments where the banner fabric is more likely to rip or tear.

When properly hung, a mesh banner material can survive for a whole year. They can last even longer if they’re not exposed to extreme wind conditions. A conventional banner could not provide such a performance. In addition, mesh banners are transparent and can be used where polyester fabric banners do not work. An example would be on a gate or fence.

Sometimes wind slits are used for very windy situations. Such features are very popular with street advertisers. This is because the clarity of the images is essential. They are also the preferred choice for:

  • Construction companies
  • Real estate agents
  • Restaurants
  • Hair salons
  • Sport stores
  • Marketing events
  • Artwork displays

Popular Uses for Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are a great display option. They’re adaptable to any environment, indoors or outdoors. They work in horizontal and vertical banner styles, offering increased outdoor performance. Mesh banners are trendy in high wind zones. This is unlike unperforated solid vinyl banners. This is what classic and large format banners are printed on. The perforated mesh material helps the banner flow with the wind instead of acting like a sail. Here are some of the most common uses of the mesh banners’ printable surface:

  • Window Sun Shades – Suitable for a branded indoor product. They are also advertising banners where complete visibility and sun protection is needed.
  • Fence Banners – Wind can pass through the micro holes in the banner. They do this without creating the sail effect. The sail effect is characteristic of banners in other materials. Wind slits also add to this flexibility.
  • Roadside Signs – for one-sided advertising banners that don’t need wind slots.
  • Construction Signs – for very large construction signs.
  • Trade Shows and Business Events – for retractable banner stands as adjustable posters. They are also used for table banners.
colored mesh fabric used for mesh banners

Solid installation

The best way to resist the wind is to place mesh banners on chain link fences. This helps support them, no matter the PVC vinyl mesh banner size or color. This will highlight the nature of the mesh pattern and reinforce them. This allows you to display your outdoor mesh banner without blocking the panel’s background or its overlay. For x-stand banners, which are usually indoors, grommets aren’t necessary. Extra grommets attach the banner to the fence at different points. This makes for easy mounting.

Usually, a custom mesh banner comes with zippers or ropes as a fence banner. But sometimes, they’re mounted on poles with a pole pocket. Given all these features, it is not necessary to consider the space available. Mesh banners adapt to any location. They cover the area where they’re mounted without unnecessary clutter.

High Wind Banner Finishing

To withstand all weather conditions as well as possible, mesh banners come with a hem. This and a grommet helps reinforce the display. If you want to achieve maximum protection with the lightest weight, there are more options. This includes supporting your banner with tiny holes or a fence wrap.

All our lightweight mesh material fabric banner styles include hemmed edges. This means any and every style. This includes an outdoor banner for an outdoor event or any other mesh fence banner or mesh vinyl banner.

It’s possible to reinforce the hems by stitching them twice. You can also strengthen the standard grommets with plastic tabs. This will reduce the chance of the eyelets breaking or tearing off the banner. You can also add slits or flaps for your typical mesh banner in a windy area.

Some companies use a welded hem, and so do we because it strengthens the trim line. Then we reinforce our hems with metal grommets. Our reinforced corners give utmost protection in high wind conditions.

High Wind Banner Shapes

mesh banner white blank canvas tied to a fence

For high winds, specific shapes and graphics are now available. The most popular banners are those of the horizontal type. These are generally used for fence-mounted banners and tied with zip ties or a bungee cord. We also make high wind banners in vertical or square configurations.

  • Horizontal banner: Horizontal banners are the most common model for metal displays. They’re traditionally supplemented by a one-inch long hem on all sides. Then we add grommets at the top and bottom.
  • Square banner: Square banners are less popular but equally coveted. Their finish comes with a one-inch hem on all sides and grommets at the top and bottom of the banner.
  • Vertical banner: Vertical banners are the least used but just as effective. They, too, are most often finished with a one-inch hem on all sides and grommets at the top and bottom.
  • Building wraps: These are very large banners where the printed piece covers all or part of a building.
  • Stage banners: A stage banner is used in productions as a backdrop. These are where a solid vinyl banner can handle the wind load of outdoor production.

Bigger Better Banner is at your service!

Don’t take a chance on custom banners that disappear when blown away by the wind. Mesh banners make the effects of adverse weather conditions a thing of the past. With Bigger Better Banner, you’ll never hear the sound of your poster flapping. Choose our mesh banner printing system! You’ll present your products and celebrate your day outdoors in better form.

Whether you need a standard vinyl banner or a double-sided indoor banner, we’re standing by to help. We have all your mesh banner printing needs. With these solid backdrops, no more cutting wind slits. These can be detrimental to your advertising campaign.

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